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To report graffiti in Bernalillo County:

report graffiti person holding cell phone

Call 24 ERASE (243-7273) or 
Send an email to 24ERASE@bernco.gov


It is the most common type of property vandalism at 35 percent, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Graffiti hurts everyone and can destroy a neighborhood. When an area is hit again and again by graffiti, citizens feel the area is not safe and it serves as a welcome mat to more serious crime. In order to defeat the vandals, and keep our neighborhoods safe, we all have to continually be on top of the problem!

Report Graffiti Vandalism

When reporting graffiti to the graffiti hotline (243-7273) please make sure you have the following information available:

  • Address (Street and Number)
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Structure
  • Original Color
  • Your Name
  • Your Daytime Phone Number

Your name and number is requested in case we cannot find the location. Please speak slowly and clearly into the phone. 

Thank you for helping to keep Bernalillo County graffiti-free!

Graffiti Removal Form

Street or nearest intersection of graffiti:
Verification Code:
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