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County Assessor

As part of the assessor’s responsibilities, Assessor Tanya Giddings presents an annual property valuation maintenance program on providing property value assessments for the 283,000 Notice of Values that get mailed out every spring for real and business personal property, livestock, and manufactured homes. The maintenance program is a comprehensive outline of how all departments within the Assessor’s Office work together to determine and maintain current and correct values of property, also a primary responsibility of the office. County commissioners use the program outline and its results to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being done by the office and to ensure there is adequate allocation of funds to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the assessor. 

Assessor Giddings's annual reports highlight what the office has done to improve customer service and community outreach as well as what it is doing to ensure that all property owners are assessed fairly.

“I am always striving for the highest level of customer service, and to ensure that property owners are treated fairly and equitably by our office,” Assessor Giddings says.  “We have made tremendous strides over the past couple of years. I am extremely proud of all our staff has accomplished in a short time and of their commitment to continue improving on behalf of the citizens of Bernalillo County.”


You can find the last three years of Annual Reports and Maintenance Plans below. 

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