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In June of 2015, County Assessor Tanya R. Giddings went before the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners to inform them and the public about the many improvements brought about since her appointment. She also sought approval of the FY 2016 Property Valuation Maintenance Program.

As part of the assessor’s responsibilities, Assessor Giddings presents an annual property valuation maintenance program on providing property value assessments for the 283,000 Notice of Values that get mailed out every spring for real and business personal property, livestock, and manufactured homes. The maintenance program is a comprehensive outline of how all departments within the Assessor’s Office work together to determine and maintain current and correct values of property, also a primary responsibility of the office. County commissioners use the program outline and its results to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being done by the office and to ensure there is adequate allocation of funds to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the assessor. 

Assessor Giddings also presented an annual report highlighting what the office has done to improve customer service and community outreach as well as what it is doing to ensure that all property owners are assessed fairly.

“I am always striving for the highest level of customer service, and to ensure that property owners are treated fairly and equitably by our office,” Assessor Giddings says.  “We have made tremendous strides over the past couple of years. I am extremely proud of all our staff has accomplished in a short time and of their commitment to continue improving on behalf of the citizens of Bernalillo County.”

To highlight how these improvements are paying off, Assessor Giddings reported that the Assessor’s Office has seen a dramatic drop in property owners filing valuation protests since she took office. In 2013, protests dropped by 23 percent. Last year, they fell another 13.5 percent.

She also reported that the net taxable valuations in the 2015 Notice of Value mail out for residential properties increased by 2.4 percent from last year, while the net taxable valuations for non-residential properties declined by .4 percent. The net taxable value for all properties in the county saw an overall increase of 1.7 percent. 

Assessor Giddings also provided an update on the countywide canvass of residential properties, which began in February of 2014. A countywide canvass is one of the best tools for insuring that property valuations are current and correct, and one was long overdue when Assessor Giddings took office. In the annual report, she reports that in its first year the canvass team inspected nearly 29,000 properties (about 13 percent of the county’s residential properties). She said the goal is to have the entire Northwest quadrant of the county canvassed by year’s end.

Finally, she acknowledged the hard work of her staff and noted that in recent months that the Assessor’s Office has received two national awards—one recognizing it for its public outreach efforts, the other recognizing it for implementing technology to increase efficiency and property owner convenience.

You can find the full 2015 Bernalillo County Assessor's Office Annual Report online below. 

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