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Code of Conduct Review Board


Bernalillo County Ordinance No. 2012-13, Amended August 25, 2015 (Ordinance No. 2015-24)

Meeting Time/Location: 

Quarterly and/or on an as-needed basis at One Civic Plaza, 10th Floor, Conference Room B


The purpose of this ordinance is to establish guidelines for standards of conduct for all candidates for elected office and for public servants, by setting forth those acts or actions which are incompatible with the best interests of the county and by requiring such candidates, and public servants to disclose personal interests, financial or otherwise, in matters affecting the county. It is the further purpose of this code to protect county employees and volunteers from undue influence, threats or fear of threat or reprisal with respect to the exercise of their constitutional right to support candidates of their choice.


The Bernalillo County Code of Conduct Review Board shall consist of five (5) members and five (5) alternates who shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, with each commissioner appointing one (1) member, and one (1) alternate from his/her district. The Board members shall not be affiliated with county government in any capacity and may not hold elected public office or office with any political party within the county.

Each member of the Board shall serve for a two-year period, subject to reappointment thereafter. Regardless of the date of appointment, the term of any individual appointed to the review board shall expire when the commissioner making the appointment leaves office or his/her term expires. Board has no term limits.  

County Commission District Maps

Current Membership

Representing Name Term
1. District 1 Sarita Nair 01/12/2018
2. District 1 - Alternate Vacant  
3. District 2 David Duhigg 01/12/2018
4. District 2 - Alternate Vacant  
5. District 3 Alan Packman 10/28/2016
6. District 3 - Alternate Trish Lopez 10/28/2016
7. District 4 Michael Flynn 01/27/2017
8. District 4 - Alternate Catherine Howell 01/27/2017
9. District 5 Peter Vredenburg 01/27/2017
10. District 5 - Alternate Roger Hartman 02/17/2017

Board Contact

Robert D. Kidd, Compliance Officer, (505) 468-1381 or Rachel Floryance, (505) 468-1382

Note: This board now meets on an as-needed basis.

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