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Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee


By Memorandum of Understanding

Meeting Time/Location

Second Tuesdsay of each month; alternates between Torrance County Courthouse in Estancia and Magnum Buildings in Moriarty.


The general goal for this water planning process is to protect the quality and preserve the quantity of water resources of the Estancia Basin for future generations. Various objectives for achieving this goal include but are not limited to the following:

A) Develop a geohydrologic model of the Basin in order to characterize ground-water flow and to
     calculate the basin ground-water supply;

B) Maintain a categorical inventory of water users in the Basin and continuously forecast the
     consumptive demands on Basin ground water;

C) Establish a ground-water monitoring system for collecting data on water table changes, saline
     water intrusion and contamination in Basin recharge areas;

D) Recommend various techniques of land use management for reducing threats to water
     resources, especially in vulnerable areas;

E) Initiate and conduct a water resource information and education program designed to increase
     public knowledge of water laws and regulations, water conservation techniques, and the need
     to develop contamination prevention policies;

F) Formulate water resource and conservation management policies for consideration by the
    various governments with jurisdiction in the Estancia Basin;

G) Prepare a compilation of forty-year water development plans from all municipalities, counties,
     and public utilities operating water supply systems within the Estancia Basin;

H) Secure the future availability of usable water resources to maintain and sustain existing
     customary and cultural uses.


Membership on the Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee shall be established by mutual agreement of the County Commissions of Bernalillo, Santa Fe, and Torrance Counties. The Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee shall include thirteen (13) voting members with the addition of various non-voting members. Each member shall represent a specific category of interest and shall be appointed according to the following requirements.

A) Three County government representatives

  1. Each County appoints one member
  2. Each member serves a renewable term of three years

B) Three representatives from the municipal/developer/county interest group

  1. Each County appoints one member
  2. Each member serves a renewable term of three years.

C) Three representatives for agricultural enterprise

  1. One representative appointed by Santa Fe County
  2. Two representatives appointed by Torrance County
  3. Each member serves a renewable term of three years.

D) Three representatives appointed by the Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD)

  1. One representative from Edgewood SWCD
  2. One representative from East Torrance SWCD
  3. One representative from Claunch-Pinto SWCD
  4. Each member serves a renewable term of three years

E)   One citizen-at-large representative

  1. Nominated and appointed by the Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee
  2. Member serves a renewable term of one year.

F)   Various non-voting representatives appointed by State and Federal agencies including
       but not limited to:

  1. N.M. State Engineer Office (required)
  2. N.M. State Land Office (optional)
  3. NMSU Cooperative Extension Service (optional)
  4. Natural Resource Conservation Service (optional)
  5. U.S. Forest Service (optional)           

For the latest member information, please visit the Boards+ page on the Meeting Portal at the link below:


ATTENTION: Starting from September 2016, all Boards and Commissions meeting times, agendas and minutes will now be found on the new Boards+ page of the Meeting Portal, which can be found at the link below. Past agendas and minutes on this page are retained for archival purposes.

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