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Public Works

IPGR will be posting information about infrastructure-related projects and programs that the Public Works Division is undertaking to further the sustainability “triple bottom line” of environmental protection, public welfare, and economic prosperity.   

Sustainable transportation projects include, pedestrian, bicycle, and complete streets facilities for improving health, air quality, and energy conservation.

Nearly a third of all car trips taken in this country are a mile or less in length - the equivalent of a 20-minute walk or five-minute bike ride. Moving those trips out of cars and onto safe sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails could solve many of our transportation problems and improve public health.


Transit facilities for seniors, children, low income, and disabled without access to motor vehicles while increasing ridership of the general population.

Roadway Safety Projects

Roadway safety projects for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists to save lives and reduce injuries.

Corridor Planning

Corridor planning to link land use and transportation planning and revitalize communities. Creating mixed-use Village Centers within walking distance of neighborhoods and on transit routes improves livability and quality-of-life.

Congestion Management

Congestion management projects such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic impact studies (TIAs), access control, etc. to improve air quality, conserve energy, and enhance economic productivity.

Green Infrastructure / Green Streets

Green Infrastructure/ Green Streets projects utilize storm water to irrigate median landscaping and street trees, reduce impervious pavements, and improve storm water quality.

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