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Technical Code Board of Appeals


Ordinance 2011-12

Meeting Time/Location

On an as-needed basis


The Board may interpret the intent of all ordinances and codes under the jurisdiction of the Building Department upon appeal. The Board shall handle appeals in case:

  1. Proposed Materials, methods or equipment are rejected by the Building Official:
  2. The Building Official refuses to grant a permit or Certificate of Occupancy;
  3. The Building Official refuses to grant a variance under the Building Code.


The Board of Appeals shall consist of nine (9) regular members and nine (9) alternate members to be appointed by the County Manager. 

  1. A Registered Architect in active practice (member and alternate)
  2. A Registered Professional Engineer whose field of active practice is Mechanical Design (member and alternate)
  3. A Registered Professional Engineer whose field of active practice is Structural or Civil Design (member and alternate)
  4. A registered Professional Engineer whose field of active practice is Electrical Design (member and alternate)
  5. A General Contractor whose field of active practice is General Building Contracting (member and alternate)
  6. a General Contractor whose field is Building Contracting, specializing in single-family residences (member and alternate)
  7. A licensed Mechanical Contractor whose field is mechanical contracting (member and alternate)
  8. A licensed Electrical Contractor whose field is electrical contracting (member and alternate)
  9. A licensed Plumbing Contractor whose field is plumbing contracting (member and alternate)

108.1 states that “the board of appeals shall be appointed by the County Manager with the advice and recommendation of the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners and shall hold office at his/her pleasure.”

Members are appointed for three (3) year terms. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term only. 

Current Membership

Representing Type Name Term
At Large, Elec. Contractor Member Adam Apodaca 03/27/2013
At Large, Plumbing Cont. Member Carl Rudnick 03/27/2013
At Large, Plumbing Cont. Alternate Dan Creager 03/27/2013
At Large, Elect. Cont. Alternate Danny Garcia 03/27/2013
At Large, Elect. Cont. Alternate David Redding 03/27/2013
6. At Large, Mech. Cont. Alternate Duane Koch 03/27/2013
7. At Large, Struct. Eng. Alternate George Knipprath 03/27/2013
8. At Large, GC, Comm.Const. Member Howard McCall 03/27/2013
9. At Large, Mech. Cont. Member James Seligman 03/27/2013
10. At Large, Elec. Eng. Member Joe Towner 03/27/2013
11. At Large, Reg. Arch. Member Kevin Georges 03/27/2013
12. At Large, Mech. Eng. Member Kirk Benton 03/27/2013
13. At Large, Alt. Mech. Eng. Member Mike Dexter 03/27/2013
14. At Large, GC, Res. Const. Member Mike Knight 03/27/2013
15. At Large, Struct. Eng. Member Mike Walla 03/27/2013
16. At Large, GC, Res.Const. Alternate Paul McDonald 03/27/2013
17. At Large, Reg. Arch. Member Rick Bennett 03/27/2013 
18. At Large, GC, Comm.Const. Alternate Tim Lopez 03/27/2013

Board Contact

Jeff Senseney, (505) 314-0382

Note: This board meets on an as-needed basis.

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