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Valuation Protest Board


NMSA 7-38-25 1978

Meeting Time/Location

The Valuation Protest Board meets only during the Protest Cycle.


The Bernalillo County Valuation Protest Board shall hear and decide protests from persons protesting valuations of property for property taxation purposes made by County Assessors and protested under Section 7-38-25 NMSA 1978.


A. There is created in each county a "county valuation protests board”. Each board shall consist of three voting members. Three alternates shall also be appointed to serve as voting members in the absence of a voting member. Voting members and alternates shall be appointed as follows: 

  1. one member and one alternate shall be a qualified elector of the County and shall be appointed by the County Commissioners for a term of two years;
  2. one member and one alternate shall be a qualified elector of the County, shall have demonstrated experience in the field of valuation of property, and shall be appointed by the County Commissioners for a term of two years; and
  3. one member and one alternate shall be a property appraisal officer employed by the (State Property Tax) Department, assigned by the director, and shall be the chairman of the Board. 

B.  Members of the board and alternates appointed under Paragraph (1) or (2) of Subsection A of this section shall not hold any elective pubic office during the term of their appointment nor shall any such member or alternate be employed by the state, a political subdivision or a school district during the term of his/her appointment. 

C. Vacancies occurring on the board shall be filled by the authority making the original appointment and shall be for the unexpired term of the vacated membership. 

D. The county valuation protests board shall hear and decide protests of determinations made by county assessors and protested under Section 7-38-24 NMSA 1978. 

E.  Members of the board and alternates when serving as voting members appointed under Paragraph (1) or (2) of Subsection A of this section shall be paid as independent contractors at the rate of eighty dollars ($80.00) a day for each day of actual service. The payment of board members and alternates and all other actual and direct expenses incurred in connection with protest hearings shall be paid by the (State Property Tax) department.

For the latest member information, please visit the Boards+ page on the Meeting Portal at the link below:

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