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    It is our intention to provide you with helpful information and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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    All Posts > General Valuation Questions

    A: The County Assessor's Office will accept mailing address changes in person, through the mail, by fax, or by email the Assessor . There is a change of address coupon provided on page two of your Notice of Value. Also, go to Assessor's Forms on this web site.

    A: Once a year, you receive a Notice of Value from the Bernalillo County Assessor informing you of the full, taxable, and net taxable values on your property for that year. It is an advance notification of what the Assessor believes your property is worth. The Notice of Value is not a tax bill, but the net taxable value on the notice will result in a tax bill from the Bernalillo County Treasurer's Office.

    A: January 1: Property is assessed to the owner of record and in accordance with its condition as of that date. For example: if the property is vacant on January 1, it will be assessed as vacant land even if a building is constructed on that property some time during the tax year after January 1.

    Last day in February:

    • Application for agricultural valuation,
    • Application for Church, charitable, educational exemption,
    • Report of personal property/business equipment,
    • Application for Head of Family exemption,
    • Application for Veterans's exemption,
    • Report of Manufactured Home,
    • Report of Livestock,
    • Report improvements that cost more than $10,000 and/or statement of decrease in value. 

    June 15:  The County Assessor certifies the full valuation of property in Bernalillo County to the State Property Tax Division. 

    September:  The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration sets the tax rates for the year's property taxes, county by county. 

    A: The Taxable value is one-third of the Total Assessed Value. The Net Taxable Value is the Taxable Value minus exemptions, such as, "Head of Family", Veterans', etc. This Net Taxable Value amount is used by the Bernalillo County Treasurer to calculate the tax you will pay to Bernalillo County.

    A: The value set for your property by the Bernalillo County Assessor is an estimate of the market value for your home, land, or business property; is depreciated cost for business equipment; and is NADA value for manufactured homes. It is used to determine the amount of tax you will be paying.

    A: The Assessor must comply with the property tax code. Pursuant to 7-36-16 NMSA 1978, the Assessor values property at current and correct values, based on sales of property from the previous year

    A: The Assessor values all tangible property for property tax purposes. Properties valued by the property tax code are: all real property, manufactured homes, business personal property and livestock.

    A: The Assessor is required to mail Notices of Value by April 1 of each year, as mandated in NMSA 1978, Chapter 7-38-20.

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