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The Business Improvement & Performance Office provides an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in driving continuous improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities, continuously striving to accomplish department objectives relating to Strategic Plan Goals, and promoting and supporting organizational learning.

  • Provide strategic planning to translate the organization's vision and goals into a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns the objectives, performance measures, projects/initiatives, actions, and tasks of all departments with the Strategic Plan Goals.
  • Provide business improvement consulting and training by identifying and solving opportunities for improvement, which span multiple departments. 
  • Support departments by providing comprehensive performance management services which include, but are not limited to,  performance measurement and objective identification and review processes, peer benchmarking/comparison measurement, data analysis, performance reporting, training, coaching, and consulting.
  • Responsible for providing a project framework, tools, process, and guidance to countywide departments.
  • Promote transparency by administering projects and providing guidance and support to departments.

Strategic Plan & Department Performance

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