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    Measure Overview

    # Objective  Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

    Complete OPS Department Goals for MDC

    Public Safety

    Cost Avoidance/ Risk Mitigation

    Action Steps


    1. Maintain and adequately implement comprehensive policies, procedures, and practices for the timely and thorough investigation of alleged staff misconduct, in accordance with generally accepted correctional standards.
    2. Internal investigations are conducted by persons who were not involved in any way in the incident under investigation and who do not have supervisory responsibility for the staff member(s) being investigated.
    3. Ensure that all internal investigations include timely, thorough, and documented interviews of all relevant staff and inmates who were involved in, or witnessed, the incident in question.
    4. Internal investigation reports must include all supporting evidence, such as witness and participant statements, policies and procedures relevant to the incident, physical evidence, video or audio recordings, and relevant logs.
    5. Results of each internal investigation are documented in an investigation report.
    6. Department has a tracking system for all internal investigations.
    7. Defendants maintain a contract with an outside investigatory entity for conducting investigations of matters which are best investigated by an outside entity.

    Why is this measure important?

    The achievement of these goals will indicate that OPS is accordance with the expectations set forth, as negotiated in the McClendon Lawsuit.

    Where does the data come from?

    Excel Spreadsheet

    How is the measure calculated?

    % of project completed based on percentage allocation to actions steps 

    Who to contact if you have questions?

    Rebecca Martinez

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