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    Measure Overview

    # Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

    Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance (EEOC)/Labor Relations: Provide countywide mandatory training to managers and supervisors on sexual harassment identification, prevention, elimination, and responsibilities

    Government Accountability

    Increased Effectiveness

    Action Steps

    Labor Relations to provide related adjustments or additions to content as needed for training content to be up-to-date.

    Online Training

    1. HR Training Section to research, create, or update online classes
    2. Announce, publicize, assign, and launch mandatory training classes to all county employees
    3. Monitor and ensure compliance with mandatory compliance training classes

    Instructor Led Training (ILT)

    1. HR Training researches and creates classes based on individual needs of the specific county divisions, departments or sections, or based on trends as indicated by the County Legal Department or HR Department.
    2. Select and schedule classes a full calendar year in advance
    3. Conduct all required mandatory classes
    4. Monitor and ensure compliance with mandatory compliance training classes

    Why is this measure important?

    This metric indicates the number county employees who have completed their mandatory training as a percentage of the number of county employees scheduled for mandatory training. This measure is important to Bernalillo County as it ensures that the county, through the training offered by the HR Training Section, proactively communicate and instruct all county employees in the prevention of Anti-harassment (to include sexual harassment), workplace violence, and drug and alcohol issues. By proactively training employees on this topic the HR Training Section is helping the county to cut costs associated with lawsuits based on these topics. Classes on these matters taught by the county’s Compliance Officer are included in MYBLC (the Learning Management System). Thus data on these subjects should be current and complete.

    Where does the data come from?

    The data comes from MYBLC (Learning Management System). Reports based on the metrics data is generated by MYBLC (Learning Management System). Reports can include training by course name, class name, category, classification, division, department, or section.

    How is the measure calculated?

    This measure is calculated by the running reports in the Learning Management system based on skill compliance. The report can categorize data by division, department, section, or individual employees in compliance, and can indicate, division, department, or section completion ratio.

    Who to contact if you have questions?

    Jerome Starke

    Additional Information

    The FY 17 and FY 18 target percentages designated above indicate the percentage of county employees who have completed their compliance training. This metric is highly dependent on the Executive Management of each Division holding their employees responsible for completing their compliance training. The trend analysis can be an indicator of the percentage of completing their compliance training per calendar quarter for the calendar year.



    FY17 Target


    FY18 Target


    Trend Analysis

    Needs Focus

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