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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Establish processes, build framework, and provide tools and templates for business improvement initiatives

Government Accountability Innovation

Action Steps

  1. Establish and provide framework and methodology
  2. Review requests for business improvement guidance
  3. Train, guide, and consult key stakeholders through the business improvement process
  4. Facilitate the administration of business improvement initiatives

Why is this measure important?

BIPO works alongside departments to innovate business processes and allow departments to visualize data through graphical representations by making them more efficient and effective. 

Where does the data come from?


How is the measure calculated?

Track project in spreadsheet 

Who to contact if you have questions?

Veronica Schornack

Additional Information



FY17 Target


Business Improvement Initiatives

FY18 Target


Business Improvement Initiatives

Trend Analysis

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