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The mission of the Fleet and Facilities Management Department is to maximize the use and value of Bernalillo County’s vehicle assets and support Bernalillo County by enhancing the quality of physical facilities. 

Fleet and Facilities Management Building

We will accomplish this by partnering with other departments and providing excellent, cost effective customer service with integrity.

A Message from Mary Murnane, Fleet & Facilities Department Director

Hello, my name is Mary Murnane, and I am the Fleet and Facilities Department Director for Bernalillo County. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (505) 224-1610.

So what does our mission statement really mean, and how does it impact what we do?

The mission statement means that we at Fleet and Facilities are committed to taking care of our vehicles and our buildings. This is how we support all of the services provided by Bernalillo County. For our vehicles, it means that every unit -  from our heavy equipment, to our fire trucks, to our police interceptors and our parks and recreation vans - operate safely and efficiently. We seek to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles and maintain them well to reduce fuel costs. For our buildings, we strive to keep them safe, clean and functional. 

Below are some facts about Fleet and Facilities. Thank you again for your interest.

  • Fleet and Facilities Management has 130 employees; its FY14 annual budget of $11,773,834. This includes administration, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance, custodial and utilities.
  • Last fiscal year the department had additional funding in the amount of $5,145,000 for building projects, and $5,764,375 for new vehicle purchases. In FY 2015 and 2016, it is anticipated that these funds will not be available.
  • Fleet and Facilities Management is a department which consists of three programs:
    • Fleet Management – the county owns a total of 1,313 vehicles. This includes 101 pieces of heavy equipment, 65 fire apparatus, 473 sheriff vehicles, and 619 general fleet vehicles countywide.
    • Building Management and Maintenance - the county operates and maintains 140 buildings. These buildings range from the County Courthouse at 400,000 square feet, to a trailer for operations and maintenance in the East Mountains at 320 square feet.
    • Facilities Construction – this program is responsible for major building construction and renovation. Funding for projects typically comes from the county bond process, from legislative appropriations, and from general fund dollars.

Enacting Legislation

By state statute, Bernalillo County is required to provide courthouses, adequate quarters for the District Attorney, Bernalillo County Health Department, and the District Health Officer. Bernalillo County also provides spaces for the County Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, and Fire Department. For all programs approved by the county, the Fleet and Facilities Management department provides office and programmatic space, as well as vehicles.

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