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Planning & Development Services

Bernalillo County conducts a technical evaluation of most proposed capital improvements based upon best accepted professional practices. Technical evaluations are conducted each bond cycle.

The technical evaluation is measurement-based to ensure objective characterization and comparison among projects of the same infrastructure type. Measurement-based evaluation is implemented through defined criteria, measurement scales, measurement intervals and scores.

The technical evaluation compares similar projects to each other, roads to roads or buildings to buildings, when scoring and ranking the project requests.

The capital improvement project technical evaluation produces two tangible products. The first product is a score sheet for each project that details how every project was scored during the technical evaluation. This can help identify why one project scored higher or lower than other projects of the same type. The second product is a priority list by the same type of capital improvement projects.

The technical evaluations of the requests serve as a resource tool for the deputy county managers, the county manager, and the County Commission in selecting among and prioritizing the potential projects. In addition to the technical evaluations, recommendations are considered by the County Commission.

For the 2012 bond cycle, a final capital improvement project listing was formally presented to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption in August 2012.

The county had six general obligation bond questions on the general election ballot, Nov. 6, 2012.  All of the bond questions were passed by the voters.

The Technical Evaluation process is comprised of three components:

  1. Government responsibility
  2. Evaluation
  3. Internal procedures

Government responsibility is how the technical evaluation is delivered to the residents of Bernalillo County via: 

  • Consistency – the technical evaluation is repeatable from one project to the next, so the public can follow project scores and priorities from one planning cycle to the next. 
  • Transparency – the technical evaluation of projects, not just the results of the technical evaluation process, is shared with the public. 
  • Clarity – the technical evaluation and resulting priority of projects are shared so that the public can understand the Capital Improvement Plan.

Evaluation is the process and format that is delivered to Bernalillo County policy makers: 

  • Measurement-based – ensures objective characterization of the projects and comparison among projects of the same infrastructure type. Measurement-based evaluation is implemented through defined criteria, measurement scales, measurement intervals and scores. 
  • Suitable quantification – quantification of project attributes and public service is appropriate and adds information to understand and compare projects. 
  • Base data retention – all data are retained, unmodified.

Internal procedures are developed by Bernalillo County professional staff: 

  • Computer-based – data acquisition techniques are de-signed to be as automated as possible, thus supporting repeatability and maximizing staff output, however, professional judgment by county staff is used. 
  • Accountable – all project information is tracked by the person who entered the data and the date of data entry. 
  • Ongoing improvement – changes to improve the techni-cal evaluation process are documented and dated so differences in project scores may be tracked and explained. Technical advances by professional staff are encouraged.

The purpose of the technical evaluation is to prioritize major capital projects and improvements.

Prioritization is important because funding availability is limited.

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