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Public Works

Click on an image below to view the interactive map. 

Art Carousel - Betty Sabo Inventory

Betty Sabo Inventory
View artwork funded by methods other than the 1% for Public Art program.

Art Carousel - Public Art Collection

Public Art
View artwork funded by the 1% for Public Art program.

Atlas - Address, History, Zone

View current address, history, and zone atlas pages.

Commission Districts

Commission Districts
Identify your commission district and other political jurisdictions.

Economic Development

Economic Development
View adopted and proposed Economic Development projects.

FEMA Flood Zones

FEMA Flood Zones
View FEMA flood zones, FIRM panel maps, and elevation certificates.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations
View recognized neighborhood associations and maps.

Parcel Search with Imagery

Parcel Search with 2016 Ortho Imagery
Search for a parcel by address or UPC.


Permits New
View current permit locations by module.

Planning Hearings

Planning Hearings New
View Planning Commission and Zoning Administrator hearing case locations.

Public Art Collection and Betty Sabo Inventory

View artwork funded by the 1% for Public Art program and other funding methods.

Real Estate Holdings

Real Estate Holdings
View existing and proposed real estate holdings.

Road Inventory Pages

Road Inventory Map Book Pages
View Road Inventory Map Book pages.

Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry
View registered addresses of sex offenders.

SNL Environmental Restoration Sites

SNL Environmental Restoration Sites
View hazardous sites identified, assessed, and remediated by Sandia National Labs.

Advanced Data Viewer

Advanced Data Viewer
View multiple layers of geographic information and access a variety of tools and searches.

The Accela Permits layers displayed on these maps include information from 10/21/13 - present.  The Kiva Permits layers include information from 1998 - 10/20/13.

To zoom into an area on the map, hold down the Shift key, click the left mouse button, drag the mouse to create a box that covers the region you want to zoom to, and then release the mouse button.

If the interactive map does not display properly, the site might have been designed for an earlier version of Internet Explorer.  Open the webpage in Internet Explorer, and then click Compatibility View Settings on the Tools menu.  In the Compatibility View Settings windows, type bernco.gov, and then click Add.


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