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Behavioral Health Services

Projects Vetted To Date

To date, Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque have approved more than $10 million toward Behavioral Health Initiative projects that resulted from recommendations by the subcommittees. Below are brief descriptions and committed annual funding of each of the projects approved thus far.


Transition Planning and Re-entry Resource Center – $1,341,188 in year one; $1,041,188 annually thereafter 

On a daily basis, the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) releases individuals back to the community who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, among other complications. In most cases, the continuity of care provided to these individuals is fragmented, at best, and more often entirely interrupted within the first hours and days following release back to community. The lack of a system for coordinated care as incarcerated individuals transition from jail to community contributes to recidivism and impedes efforts to generate more positive health outcomes for these individuals. The project includes funding transition planners at MDC and creating a Re-entry Resource Center (RRC) for an effective front door into a network of services. The operational cost of the project is divided into the two components, with a one-time renovation cost for the RRC, located at the Public Safety Center (401 Roma NW).

Approved Jan. 10, 2017. Read the news release about the transition planning and re-entry resource center project. 


Mobile Crisis Teams – $1 million BC/$340,000 ABQ 

The creation for this pilot project is a city/county collaboration. The mobile crisis teams will respond to individuals experiencing a nonviolent behavioral health crisis that necessitates a 911-response. There will be three teams formed, one by Bernalillo County and two by the City of Albuquerque. Each team will consist of a crisis intervention unit deputy paired with a masters’ level, behavioral health clinician.

Approved Dec. 13, 2016. Read the news release about the mobile crisis team. 


Expansion of the County’s Community Connections Supportive Housing Program – not to exceed $1 million

This expansion will focus on individuals with behavioral health issues residing in the community who are homeless or precariously housed and is estimated to provide a minimum of 55 housing vouchers with case management service.

Approved Dec. 13, 2016. Read the news release about the housing program. 


Community Connections Re-entry Supportive Housing – $1.3 million from Bernalillo County; $503,000 from City of ABQ

This project provides intensive case management and services linked with scattered site housing to a target population of homeless or precariously housed persons with mental illness or co-occurring disorders or other disabilities and whose lack of community based services have resulted in criminal justice system involvement. The program provides high quality intensive wrap-around services and housing subsidies to support the individual’s successful reintegration and long-term stability in the community after incarceration. Providing comprehensive intensive services linked with housing creates community stability and reduces recidivism and is life changing.=

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.


Community Engagement Team – not to exceed $1 million

Community Engagement Teams (CET) help people and their families voluntarily cope with the effects of mental illness and substance abuse disorders (whether individual or co-occurring) in the comfort and familiarity of their homes and communities. The CET helps individuals avoid the criminal justice system and emergency mental health systems whenever possible. The CET in Bernalillo County requires an individualized, recovery-focused approach that promotes wellness, self-management, personal recovery, natural supports, coping skills, self-advocacy and the development of independent living skills. CETs can be considered part of a continuum of services rendered outside institution walls that include assertive community treatment, the crisis intervention unit, crisis outreach and support team, public inebriate intervention, and law enforcement response.

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.


Youth Transitional Living Proposal – not to exceed $650,000

A new service intended for at-risk youth who are precariously housed or homeless with a mental health or addiction diagnosis. The funding provides youth transitional living services for clients with behavioral health diagnosis who are not currently under any state Children Youth and Families Department, Bernalillo County or other third party-funded program. This funding is available for non-third party reimbursement.

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.


Reduction of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) – not to exceed $3 million

Bernalillo County wishes to develop a cohesive system that utilizes all available resources to assist children who have been identified as at-risk by using adverse childhood experiences (ACE) scoring methodology. Through program coordination and the procurement and enhancement of services, Bernalillo County wishes to develop a system that maintains a strong collaboration of professionals who work with children across the full continuum of services for at-risk children and families including primary prevention, identification, early intervention, support and treatment, harm reduction, outreach, and services in children’s homes and within communities. The funding is to pay for services and family supports not currently reimbursed by Medicaid or third party payers.

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.


Behavioral Health Advisor – up to $140,000 per year

The behavioral health advisor will provide guidance on the development and implementation of the behavioral health initiative. The behavioral health advisor will provide written standardization of the governance and subcommittee structure, data analysis service evaluations and reports implementation. The behavioral health advisor will provide other services including developing internal staff capacity on understanding behavioral health best practices and targeting and changing new initiatives to continue to meet the needs of Bernalillo County’s behavioral health priority populations.

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.


UNM’s Institute for Social Research (UNM/ISR) Contract – not to exceed $246,553 per year

Bernalillo County seeks to implement a behavioral health system that measures the effectiveness of implemented programs and constantly strives to improve the performance of programs. In pursuit of this performance management strategy, data analysis and program evaluation will be critical components of the system. Data analysis and evaluation will happen to inform what services are needed and how those services are performing. Data analysis and evaluation will occur to assess the impact of the entire Behavioral Health Initiative on the entire population of users of behavioral health services, including individual program evaluations of the effectiveness of each contracted and/or directly delivered program.

Approved September 2016. Read the news release about $5 Million approved for Behavioral Health proposals​.

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