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Behavioral Health Services

Phase 1

CPI will create a preliminary plan on behavioral health and present the plan to the county manager and Board of County Commissioners no later than June 1, 2015. Click here to read the  Phase 1 Preliminary Plan on Behavioral Health.  

The preliminary plan will at minimum includes the following:

  1. An  administrative  structure  for  the  purposes  of  the  county  receiving,  administering, monitoring and overseeing behavioral health funds.
  2. Identify priority populations, priority services, resources and estimated amounts for each service category.
  3. Outline of a behavioral health business plan.
  4. Reviewing prior reports and recommendations and other written materials related to the behavioral health system needs, plans and interventions in Bernalillo County and the State of New Mexico.
  5. Identify and meet with key community stakeholders, identified by CPI and the county to gain input on service needs for a comprehensive behavioral health system in Bernalillo County.​​

Phase 2

CPI will create a comprehensive behavioral health business plan to present to the county   manager   and   Board of County Commissioners no later than Dec.1, 2015.  The comprehensive behavioral health business plan will include input from key community stakeholders, providers, and advocates. The plan will also include an evaluation of current state and local resources, and will at minimum include a detailed design and costs for the following:

  1. An  administrative  structure  for  the  purposes  of  the  county  receiving,  administering, monitoring and overseeing behavioral health funds.
  2. Development  and  oversight  of  provider  standards  and  monitoring  and  compliance  with provider agreements.
  3. Behavioral health service delivery structure for youth and adults in Bernalillo County, which will at minimum include the following:


  • Prevention and Education
  • Crisis Triage Stabilization
  • Community Engagement Teams
  • Mobile Crisis Teams
  • Crisis Lines
  • Respite Services
  • In-Patient Treatment and Step down Services
  • Variety of Out-Patient Services
  • Case Management and Peer Support
  • Housing Needs and Options
  • Criminal Justice Systems
  • Funding Options, Billing and Reimbursements

CPI will further develop and define a plan for a comprehensive, cohesive and cost-effective behavioral health system for the residents of Bernalillo County and surrounding areas. In Phase 2, CPI will meet with key elected officials, leaders of neighboring counties, consumers, families, advocates community leaders, state and local governments and providers to gain input in the development of the business plan.  Some of the Phase 2 activities include:

  1. Focus on partnering with community leaders to leverage opportunities to establish a centralized crisis and command center.
  2. Gather more information on the need for additional detoxification services.
  3. Assess crisis respite as a need service component and explore opportunities to fast-track development of this capacity for the community.
  4. Explore needs for advocacy and support services for consumers and families.
  5. Focus more on the unique behavioral health needs of other populations, including the Hispanic and Native American population and other groups defined by race or ethnicity.
  6. Work with local leaders in the housing services to better understand the current and projected housing needs of the community and to formulate a plan to enhance these services.
  7. Determine options for early detection and treatment of first-episode psychosis.
  8. Explore prevention/early intervention services and programs in schools to seek opportunities to expand; and, look into prevention services for IV drug users and individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or queer or questioning.

Phase 3

A due date to complete Phase 3 has not been established. CPI will provide the following services:

  1. Create and oversee a process to obtain community input on the behavioral health business plan including the development of a crisis triage, stabilization, and respite services. CPI will seek/include input from behavioral health providers, criminal justice stakeholders, governmental entities, consumers and family members, advocacy organizations, law enforcement and other first responders and persons involved in task forces and/or committees that have assessed the need for such a facility.
  2. Review prior reports and recommendations and other written material related to the possible development of a crisis triage, stabilization, and respite facility in Bernalillo County.
  3. Analyze funding opportunities in all areas of the behavioral health business plan under the current Medicaid and MCO (managed care organization) funding structure and assess additional potential Medicaid, grant and/or private funding opportunities that would be available with state administrative action.
  4. Review national best practice models for crisis triage stabilization facilities and identify model facilities in comparable locations for review in the development process.
  5. Identify and seek sources of funding from city, county, state governments, and private entities for the county to provide start-up and/or operations funding for the behavioral health business plan including the crisis stabilization facility.
  6. Identify any licensing, certifications or regulatory requirements that would apply to such a facility in New Mexico and Bernalillo County.
  7. Work  with  adjoining  counties  who  would  like  to  participate  in  the  Bernalillo County behavioral health services and establish out-of-county funding and billing mechanisms.
  8. If a crisis triage stabilization facility and respite services are determined necessary, CPI will work with stakeholders to  develop  a  detailed  plan for a crisis triage, stabilization, and respite facility which will include at minimum the following:
  • Allocation, Capacity
  • Size, Population Served
  • Access to Services
  • Client Care


  • Admission Criteria and Process
  • Discharge Planning and Discharge Process
  • Staffing, Budget, and all Other Aspects Related to the Start-Up and Operation of the Facility.

Phase 4

     Phase 4 is not part of the current CPI contract. Phase 4 would focus on future phases of work that may need to be planned and funded to implement the business plan that’s being developed through the current contract.

Department Of Behavioral Health Services
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