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Behavioral Health Services
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    For further information about our programs:

    (505) 468-1555 or email BHInitiative@bernco.gov

    For media inquiries:

    (505) 508-8045 or email evgonzales@bernco.gov


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About Us

The goal of the services will be to address both behavioral health and community education needs for Bernalillo County. Professional training sessions and a web based resource directory will provide the skills needed to proficiently utilize new modalities and equip professionals with enhanced skills to improve the quality of life for community members. Community education sessions and a web based behavioral health and social services resource directory will provide the community at large with increased awareness, knowledge and skills about specific behavioral health areas and resources.

Our Providers

Motivational Interviewing Training & Consulting (MITC)

Serna Solutions, LLC 


All Faiths

NM Black Mental Health Coalition (No Website - Call 505-410-1379)


Bernalillo County Health Council


Training Schedule





Motivational Interviewing

July 16/23


Motivational Interviewing

September 16/23/30


Spanish Motivational Interviewing

October 10/17



Engaging Others in Treatment

June 25th 9-11am

Community ONLINE

2-hour Empathic Listening

June 26th 10-12pm

Community ONLINE

Vicarious Trauma

June 27th 9-4

Community ONLINE

6-hour Empathic Listening

July 17th 9-4

Community ONLINE


October 12-16, 2020

Community ONLINE


October 26-27, 2020

Community ONLINE



For more information and to sign up for trainings: https://is.gd/MITCRegistration


Bernalillo County Community Health Council

Community Resilience and Healing Anti-Stigma Training for OUD/MAT


June 2nd 2p-3p

June 18th 6p-5p

June 30th 1p-2p

July 7th 3p-4p

July 23rd 10a-11a

August 4th 3p-4p

August 2th 9a-10a

September 10th 11a-12p

September 22nd 9a-10a


For more information contact Larry Hinojos: larry@bchealthcouncil.org
Health Promotion Specialist




· Trainings are available by request

· July 1, 2020 with APD Crisis Intervention Team


For more information contact Jennifer Gorman: jgorman@arcaspirit.org




· Family Support Group Spanish

2nd and 4th Thursday’s of the month

· Family Support Group English

3rd and 4th Wednesday’s of the month

· Connection Peer Support

Wednesday’s and Friday’s

· In Our Own Voice

-available for 1hr NAMI peer led mental health presentations

· Peer to Peer Ongoing Class (see website)

· Family to Family Ongoing Class (see website)


For more information: https://naminewmexico.org/

Training & Education Workshop List

Training and Education Workshop List



“Supporting Someone with Addiction Using the CRAFT Approach”

“Assessing and Treating Co-Occurring Disorders” —2 DAY Training

“Cultural Competency, Humility and Fluency”

“Trauma Informed Care”


Day 1 Addiction Medication- Day 2 Mental Health Medication

“Clinical Supervision”

“Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) for Clinicians”

“Clinical Pathways to Preserving Cultural Resilience”

“Community Ed Series: Trauma 101- Understanding how trauma impacts the body and brain.”

“Understanding Loss from and Existential Perspective”

“Introduction to the Open Dialogue Approach”

“Community Ed Series: Marijuana Madness”

“Working with Adolescent Substance Abuse”

“S.A.D. for the Holidays? Client-care and Self-care to Navigate the Holidays”



Evidence Based Practices:

· Community Reinforcement Approach for Adolescents and Adults (CRA) (12 CEUs)

· Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) (12 CEUs)

· Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach/Assertive Continuing Care (12CEUS)

· Motivational Interviewing (MI) Basic, Intermediate and Advanced (6 or 12 CEUS)

· Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives (PAMI) (6CEUS)

· Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) in the Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders (12 CEUS)

· Assessing and Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (12 CEUs)

· Psychopharmacology for Behavioral Health Professionals (12 CEUs)

· Trauma Informed Care (6 CEUs)

· Introduction to Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) (6 CEUs)

· Youth Mental Health First Aid (Y-MHFA) Training (6 CEUs)

· Supporting Someone with an Addiction Using the CRAFT Approach (6 CEUs)

Ethics Training

· Ethical and Cultural Issues in Addiction Work (6CEUS)

· Ethics: Multicultural Issues in Northern New Mexico (6 CEUS)

· Ethics: Navigating social media, telehealth and other technological trends (6 CEUs)

· Cultural Competency, Humility and Fluency (6 CEUs)

Supervision Training:

· Leadership and Supervision Training (3 CEUS)

· Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (MIA:STEP)(12 CEUS)

· Clinical Supervision (6 CEUs)

· Sexual Harassment Training(3CEUS)

· Clinical Documentation Training (3 CEUS)

Other Trainings:

· Holistic Models & Biological Aspects of Addiction & Recovery (3CEUS)

· Understanding Loss from an Existential Perspective (6CEUS)

· Is it Substance Abuse? Substance Use Concerns and the Older Adult (6CEUS)

· Understanding the Aging Process on Both Sides: Helping Individuals with Intellectual and

Developmental Differences (Disabilities) Understand their Aging and That of Their Loved Ones (6CEUS)

· Social Determinants of Health (6 CEUs)

Drug Specific Training

· Alcohol; The Undisputed Champion (6CEUS)

· Breaking Bad…Assumptions About Meth and Other Stimulants (6CEUS)

· The Opioid Epidemic: How We Got Here and Where are We Going? (6CEUS)

· Marijuana Madness (6CEUS)


MITC _ Motivational Interviewing Training Consultants

· Motivational Interviewing – 2 Day Introductory Course

· Motivational Interviewing Coaching Sessions

· Motivational Interviewing Train the Trainer (Year 3)

· Empathic Listening – 6 Hour

· Empathic Listening – 2 Hour

· Engaging Others in Treatment with Bob Myers

· Vicarious trauma




BCCHC _ Motivational Interviewing Training Consultants

· Anti-Stigma of OUD and MATS- Community and Professionals Training


All Faiths Children’s Advocacy Center

· Trauma Informed Training for First responders

· Trauma Informed training for Ancillary School Staff



· ABI Training and Education- Customized Training for community members and professionals

· CBIS Certification Training- Application Required



· Family to Family

· Peer to Peer

· Family Support

· In Our Own Voice



New Mexico Black Leadership Council

· *Each monthly training has two per month— community education focus and a professional education focus

· Mentoring/Parenting Black Children

· Brain Injury Awareness: Developmental disabilities associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD & learning disabilities

· The Art of War in the 21st Century for Black Boys, Guardians, Adolescents and Practitioners

· Mental Health Awareness De-stigmatization of mental health access and promoting services

· LCBTQ Issues in the Black Community

· Roots Summer Leadership Academy- Leadership and Self-Esteem for youth

· Suicide Prevention: Focus on interpersonal skills, substance abuse, opioid addiction and support for individuals in recovery

· Domestic Violence Awareness- Violence in relationships and resources in the community

· Smoking- Smoking cessation, vaping in the black community among teens and adults, emphasizing health anxiety and stress management

· AIDS Awareness in the black community




Department Of Behavioral Health Services
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  • This meeting will take place via teleconference. If you would like to register for this public meeting or give public comment, please email evgonzales@bernco.gov.
    7/16/2020 3:00 PM

  • This meeting will take place via teleconference. If you would like to register for this public meeting or give public comment, please email evgonzales@bernco.gov.
    7/15/2020 2:00 PM

  • This meeting will take place via teleconference. If you would like to register for this public meeting or give public comment, please email evgonzales@bernco.gov.
    7/9/2020 5:30 PM

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  • Free for adults 50+ every third Wednesday of the month! Book club participants collectively select the reading list, and all books and audios are on loan to participants. Call (505) 281-8003 or (505) 288-2507 for more information. Whispering Pines has a Lending Library. Seniors interested in borrowing a large print fiction book from the library can check one out for free. New titles are available every 2-3 months. Call (505) 281-8003 or (505) 288-2507 for more information.
    Whispering Pines Senior Center, 6 Lark Rd., Tijeras
    12/16/2020 12:30 PM - 12/16/2020 1:30 PM

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