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County Commission Acknowledges BernCo Fire Station 38 A Shift Crew


At its Dec. 11 administrative meeting the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners thanked and recognized six Bernalillo County fire and rescue personnel for their exceptional performance on Nov. 12, 2018, and their selfless rescue of three Bernalillo County residents during an active shooter event: Commander Michael Salazar, Lieutenant Matthew Propp, Engineer Marcelino Martinez, Paramedic Joshua Robles, and Firefighters Ray Aragon and Jose Salas.

As Bernalillo County fire and rescue personnel, they risk their safety on a constant basis to provide security to the people and property of the county. On Nov. 12, they went above and beyond the call of duty at the Ben E. Keith warehouse to save three persons critically injured during an active shooting. As a member of the Rescue Task Force, they treated and extracted from the scene three victims in under 10 minutes. Had they not provided their unique training and experience, rescue may have been delayed.

Their dedication and risk of life and limb certainly prevented the deaths of all three victims of the active shooting. They performed a flawless emergency medical response and proved the value of the Rescue Task Force concept for future victims in need. Their performance on Nov. 12 reflected the greatest expectations of fire and rescue personnel, and was nothing short of distinguished, selfless service.

The people of Bernalillo County thank and honor them. Bernalillo County holds their service on Nov. 12 out to all residents as a performance of the highest values of our community.

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