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BernCo Commission Recognizes ABC Community School Coordinators


Bernalillo County gratefully recognizes our Albuquerque/Bernalillo County community school coordinators, who are the heart and soul of successful community schools - creating, strengthening, and maintaining a school environment where students and families are welcome and can access the supports and services they need.

The ABC Community School Partnership leads the implementation of an evidence-based, collaborative strategy to connect struggling students and families with the resources they need to be successful in school and life.

Community school coordinators gather student, family, educator, and community input to identify the specific needs of each school community. They build relationships with families and community supports to develop a continuum of services for children, families and community members within a school neighborhood.

The ABC Community School Partnership network has 33 community school coordinators who work diligently to create and manage the partnerships that allow all students to learn and all communities to thrive.

The ABC Community School Partnership is joining the nationwide Coalition for Community Schools to celebrate community school coordinators across the county.

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners gratefully recognizes all ABC community school coordinators for diligently and passionately working to serve our students, families and communities.

Thank you to:

  • Cindy Smith
  • Cathy Duran
  • Melissa Milligan
  • Dianna Valenzuela
  • Kimberly Obregon
  • Irene Camarillo
  • Andy Braman
  • Pam Campos
  • Monique Mills
  • Alma Arango
  • Beatriz Valencia-Riano
  • Tessa Snyder
  • Rachelle Ford
  • Anamargarita Otero
  • Peggy Jugmahansingh
  • Stephanie Pearson
  • Erica Apodaca
  • Melanie Lewis
  • Sergio Schwartz
  • Jessica Dinsmore
  • Silvina Tello
  • Athena Samora
  • Maria T. Marquez
  • Santino Hernandez
  • Bernie Candelaria
  • Cynthia Jimenez
  • Alysha Castillo
  • Jason Cordova
  • Alina Potrzebowski
  • Jess Selbee
  • Reynaluz Juarez
  • Nichole Dominguez-Chavez
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