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District 3

District 3 Newsletter, Edition #20


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After watching most of the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions, I believe (I know, I know, you hear this every 2 years) this could be the most consequential election in memory. The virtual format encouraged speakers to be concise in their remarks, stick to the issues and not resort to applause lines. What I heard from the 2 parties was a stark contrast, a fundamental difference, a competing vision, (choose one) of the future of America.

It is our responsibility to choose what future we want for our families and ourselves. Our vote is our choice and our voice. I urge everyone to make sure that they, their friends and family are registered to vote, to apply for an absentee ballot, to cast their vote and return their ballot as soon as possible. Don’t let the ballot sit on the kitchen counter for weeks before opening it!

Our Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver is working with our legislators and the postal service to make sure that ballots are delivered in a timely manner. There will be an individualized “intelligent” bar code on the outer envelopes of mail in ballots that will allow voters to track their ballots through post office facilities. For the first time the outer envelope will have to be signed and include the last four digits of the voter’s social security number.

If you don't want to use the mail, your ballots can be turned in at any polling location through Election Day. You have the assurance of our County Clerk Linda Stover that all ballots will be safe and secure. Of course, you can always vote in person early or on Election Day at any polling location across the county. Below is a timeline of important dates for the general election.

I encourage anyone who can to volunteer to help at the polls. All necessary safety precautions, including requiring facemasks and frequent disinfecting, will keep workers and voters safe. Click here for more information on becoming a poll worker.

Also, please vote the entire ballot. There are many important offices further down the ballot, plus constitutional and bond questions that are important for the operation of New Mexico government. Click here to find out more about Bernalillo County’s GO Bond request. More about in another newsletter.

Take care, stay well, keep your social distance and always wear a facemask when out in public – Jim Collie


I am saddened by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Ginsberg was a pathfinder for women seeking a career in the law and a staunch supporter of women’s rights throughout her legal and judicial careers. She became a rock star in the last few years because of her work ethic, determination and unwavering commitment to equal rights.

You know someone has become part of the national psyche and an American icon when a bobble head doll is made in their honor! I have one of Justice Ginsberg in my office reminding me to always work towards equal justice for all.

As a defender of our democracy, I know that Justice Ginsberg would, in her quiet but forceful way, strongly urge us to vote. She was optimistic about the future of our county; don’t let her down.

Justice Ginsberg – Rest in Peace and in Power. My wish is that we can find someone to fill your judicial robes and do them the justice they deserve.

Jim Collie

General Election Timeline

Absentee Voting – ballots can be requested now. Click here to request an Absentee Ballot;
September 14 – the Clerk’s Office will begin sending applications for an absentee ballot to registered voters in Bernalillo County;
October 6 – requested ballots will begin being mailed;
October 6 – in-person early voting begins at the county annex;
October 17 - October 31 – early voting and same day registration will take place. Absentee ballots can be drop off at any polling site;
October 20 – last day to request an absentee ballot;
November 3rd – Election Day. There will be 71 polling location open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Contact Information:

Important Telephone Numbers to Keep Handy

COVID19 hotline

Non-health related COVID19 hotline

For an updated one-stop source of COVID19 information, click here.

To see the past newsletters, please go to https://www.bernco.gov/District-3/district-3-newsletter.aspx
For the latest edition of the BernCo at a Glance, Click here
For information regarding the General Election, click here or here or call 234-VOTE, press option 1

BernCo at Work

Bernalillo County Commission

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Advisory and Review Board

On a 4 to 1 vote, the County Commission approved the ordinance creating the Bernalillo County Sherriff’s office Advisory and Review Board. County Commissioners will appoint the board’s nine members, who can investigate BSCO policies and procedures, authorize outside audits, request information and make recommendations to both BCSO and the County Commission.

The first appointments will be made at the October 27th, Commission Meeting. To get a copy of the ordinance, or for more information regarding requirements for appointment and on how to apply, contact, Julie A. Baca, at: jubaca@bernco.gov or (505) 468-7083

Community Workforce Ordinance

On a 4 to 1 vote, the County Commission approved the Community Workforce Ordinance which requires a community workforce agreement on major county construction projects. The ordinance ensures union involvement on county public works projects that cost at least $7million and have workers from at least three crafts. Commissioner Quezada successfully sponsored an amendment increasing the threshold for applicable projects to $7million, up for the original proposed amount of $5 million.

Nonunion contractors can still win the projects, but their workers will have to pay union dues for their time on the project. The nonunion contractors will have to make fringe benefits contributions to the union for those workers, unless they already offer them health insurance, vacation and retirement benefits.

Bernalillo County Disaster Assistance Program

Bernalillo County Commissioners approved on a 5- 0 vote, an administrative resolution that establishes the Bernalillo County Disaster Assistance Program. This resolution allows the county manager to enter into service agreements related to the Disaster Assistance Program.

The program will be administered by the county manager through the Economic Development Department and allows the distribution of one-time financial assistance to aid county residents who have been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are ineligible to receive money under the CARES Act.

To qualify for assistance under the Disaster Assistance Program, an applicant must be a county resident, didn’t qualify for a federal stimulus check, doesn’t qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, and meets the definition of indigent as set forth in the resolution.

The amount of assistance per person has not yet been determined and information about qualification criteria, application process, and timeline will be posted on the county website at a future date.

Bernalillo County Cultural Services

Bernalillo County plans to revive a historic trail. Along with the city, National Parks and the University of New Mexico, the county has created a plan for the development of El Camino Real De Tierra Trail within Bernalillo County.

The county is asking for input on sites and trail segments along the route that can be used for the public. The goal is for the plan to provide a way for communities along the historic trail to share elements of their history and culture.

For more information and to submit a comment, click here.

Bernalillo County Assessor’s Office

The Bernalillo County Assessor's Office offers an online property valuation tool. You can look up your property and find out its assessed value in minutes. If you are thinking about buying or selling a house, this is a very beneficial resource to have. Visit: https://www.bernco.gov/assessor/assessor-property-record-search-portal-.aspx to learn more.

Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health

The Bernalillo County Department of Behavioral Health has received a permanent crisis triage center (CTC) license from the New Mexico Department of Health. The county is only the second recipient of a CTC and the only active license within the county.

The crisis triage center is located at the CARE campus, 5901 Zuni SE. The license will allow the county to provide crisis stabilization services. These services will help people before their crisis get to the point where psychiatric is needed or as they transition from a hospital back into the community.

The campus is currently accepting patients referred by UNMH and other behavioral health service providers.

For more information, click here.

NMSU - Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service

The Extension Service is pleased to announce the upcoming webinar offerings for September:

Community Resources

Support our Local Businesses~

Albuquerque Drive-Through Grab & Go

The City of Albuquerque has begun a new program to support local business. The Albuquerque Drive-Through Grab & Go provides safe spaces to curbside shop for handcrafted good, produce or to order a meal. Click here for more information and a schedule of events and locations.

Urban Cocina

Urban Cocina is a new concept in dining. They provide a variety of menus and meals to customers within 30 minutes using a “Scratch Kitchen”, locally sourced produce and their own delivery drivers. For more information and menus, click here.

Things to Do

Cycling Events

Bike MS: Inside Out, Saturday, September 26, join the New Mexico Multiple Sclerosis Society cycling event. Because of COVID 19 this year’s event will present aa new cycling experience. For more information on how to plan your personal cycling event and to register, click here

Bike Thru Burque - Bike to Work Day was postponed due to COVID-19. The reimagined event, Bike Thru Burque, is now being hosted as a weeklong virtual event, from September 20-26.

For more information, click on the Bike Thru Burque website for the details and schedule of activities. We also hope you will commit to ride!

Online Events

New Mexico Historic Sites-New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

The New Mexico Historic Site system was established in 1931 for the purpose of preserving the unique historic and prehistoric history of New Mexico. This year because of COVID19 all events have gone virtual at the 7 sites across the state. Go to their website, click here, for more information and to see a schedule of events. Upcoming/Ongoing events:

  • August 29-September 29, Summer Letters from the Reservation, Bosque Redondo Memorial at Fort Sumner;
  • September 1-30, Los Luceros Historic Site Virtual Fall Festival;
  • September 26, Los Matachines Traditions in New Mexico, Taylor-Barela-Reynolds-Mesilla Historic site;

Globalquerque! Cross Cultural Crossover

Globalquerque, an annual cross-cultural, multi-day concert, will be held virtually this year and you're invited! Watch Wednesday, September 30, 5:30 and 7:00pm, live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. The program will feature four festival acts" Rahim AlHaj from Iraq, Nation Beat from Brazil and the United States, Vivalda Ndula from Angola, and Nohe & Sus Santos from Honduras and New Mexico, collaborating on one another’s songs, deconstructing them, and representing them through a cross-cultural lens. To learn more, visit: https://www.globalquerque.org/

Commemoration of the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution

Tributes to Rudolfo Anaya

Because of Rudolfo Anaya’s literary and cultural significance to New Mexico and to honor his legacy, UNM Libraries’ Department of Digital Initiative and Scholarly Resources (DISC) created the Rudolfo Anaya Digital Archive, a comprehensive online guide to his life and work. Oral histories, draft manuscripts, book covers, and an extensive bibliography of Anaya resources are available in the online archive. For detailed descriptions of the material in the Rudolfo A. Anaya Papers please see the CSWR finding aid at https://rmoa.unm.edu/docviewer.php?docId=nmu1mss321bc.xml#crit

Explora 5th Annual New Mexico Science Fiesta

Explora is hosting its 5th annual New Mexico Science Fiesta virtually this year. Between September 18 - 26, you can participate with STEAM professionals throughout the state as they bring activities, tours and demonstrations on your computer. Visit www.explora.us/nm-science-fiesta to learn more.

Frontiers in Science Lectures

Los Alamos National Labs hosts the Frontiers in Science Lectures. The lectures are free and open to the public. For more information, to see a schedule of event and to listen to past lectures, click here.

Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association Fall Fitness Fundraiser

PHNA invited you to join their Fall Fitness Fundraiser. This year is different. For more information and to register click here and then on the day of the “Race” anytime between October 2nd – 4th, get out and walk, run or bike your pledged distance. Keep track of your distance and time and submit the results online.

100 % of the proceeds will benefit Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association, www.parklandvillageabq.org

Interesting Reads

A few interesting random things

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