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    Q: Who are the service providers and what broadband speeds do they offer in the East Mountain 87059 area?


    A: According to the FCC, four service providers in the 87059 area meet the national benchmark speed. But this data can be misleading. Location and environment can play a role in overall speeds that a broadband provider can deliver and the reliability of the connection. For example, the more users in an area served by 25/3 Mbps can lessen the speed and reliability of that service. The East Mountains 87059 area also faces the challenges of mountain terrain, a population that is spread out, and weather conditions that can interrupt service speeds and delivery.

    National FCC benchmark standard: 25/3 Mbps

    Transmission Type

    Tijeras-Area Provider




    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

    CenturyLink (residential)

    100/10 Mbps

    Transfers data faster over traditional copper telephone lines already installed at homes and businesses.

    Telephone poles are close to capacity; building more poles has low Return on Investment.


    Viasat and HughesNet

    100/3 Mbps


    25/3 Mbps (HughesNet)

    Can serve remote areas.

    Downstream and upstream speeds depend on factors such as the consumer’s line of sight to the orbiting satellite and the weather.

    Fixed Wireless via MVDDS (multichannel video and data distribution service)

    Cibola LLC

    50/5 Mbps

    For rural areas, transmits and receives data over a small dish with ground-based transmission tower nearby.

    Satellite technology that is rarely used in the United States.

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