Human Resources

The HR Training & Organizational Development team (TOD) offers a variety of workshops to help employees grow their careers at Bernalillo County.

Supervisor 40-Hour

Training Classroom

For new supervisors or newly promoted supervisors in the county, HR Training & Organizational Development (TOD) offers a week long class which allows participants to gain knowledge and skills in three key areas: Self, Supervisory and Organizational Knowledge.

To meet this goal, the class includes topics such as:

  • The county's Strategic Plan
  • Using emotional intelligence at work
  • Supervising and supporting Bernalillo County policies and procedures
  • Developing interpersonal sills to manage your team
  • Setting team expectations and goals
  • Applying performance management skills

Based on training best practices, the course includes pre-work to jump start the learning process, continual application of content, self-reflection, networking opportunities with classmates and organizational leaders and daily action planning.

Leadership Development Program

TOD offers a wide variety of courses which focus on leadership development. The majority of these courses are backed by research and each class promotes one or more of the skill sets we desire in our leaders.

Some of these include:

  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Leading through Transitions
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Managing for Employee Engagement

Supervisor Program

TOD also offers several programs that help to develop our supervisors. One of our key programs is the week long Supervisor 40-Hour class which helps participants to gain entry-level supervisory skills. Another program offered is Stepping Up to Supervisor which allows new supervisors, or those interested in supervising, to learn about the challenges they will face and steps to be successful. One final class in this category isCommunication for Supervisors in which participants learn how to listen and respond to different members of their team.

Brand Yourself Workshop

Learn how to self-package yourself and dress for the job you want, not the job you have. In today's world, competition is fierce; your appearance, knowledge and skills play a major role in how you affect others. In this workshop we will discover how to market yourself for today and tomorrow, to get the job you want, enhance your appearance in the job you have today and help you with y our self-confidence.

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