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Public Works

Property Transfer Workshop Scheduled for Feb. 12

The BernCo Natural Resource Services Program will be hosting a property transfer workshop on Monday, Feb. 12 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. at its main office, 111 Union Square SE. The workshop is free.

Unser Boulevard Sound Study Meeting Aug. 23

The sound study is to determine if noise walls are needed to diminish the traffic noise levels along that stretch of the Unser corridor.
Unser Boulevard

Unpermitted Septic Systems Workshop

BernCo Natural Resource Services Program will host a four-part series of workshops about septic systems. The first workshop on March 31, Unpermitted Septic Systems and Financial Aid for System Replacements, will cover the most frequently asked questions about unpermitted septic systems — who needs an evaluation, what is involved with the evaluation process, what causes septic systems to fail, how to apply for permits, if needed; and financial assistance.

BernCo is Recognized by PNM as an “Energy Star” for Energy-Efficient Upgrades to County Facilities

The county has been recognized by PNM as one of its “Energy Stars” at two recent awards presentation ceremonies.
pnm energy star

Residential Trash Service

Click here for what you need to know about residential trash service in your area.
Residential Trash Truck


Bernalillo County crews are constantly working on facilities, roads and drainage systems to improve your community.
Workers working on projects

Traffic Engineering

Bernalillo County is a regional leader in innovative traffic control devices.
Picture of a traffic sign

Flooding and Your Safety

If a road is flooded, turn around and find an alternate route. Don't risk drowning by trying to cross it. Learn more about low water crossings statewide.
Turn Around - Don't Drown


Plastic bottles
Find out where you can recycle what.

Street Maintenance

Rain, snow or shine, Bernalillo County crews are out taking care of your roads

Grafitti Removal

Graffiti Removal Truck
Got graffiti? Find out how to report it.
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