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Animal Care Services

Thank you for reaching out and your support during this time!

We have been very busy with calls and emails regarding adoptions and fosters and are very appreciative of the community’s support during our time of need.

Due to the COVID-19 distancing precautions, we have shut down walk-in adoptions and emergency foster opportunities; however, we are scheduling by appointment based on completion of our Bernalillo County Animal Interest Form. Our appointments are limited unfortunately; we do apologize for this and thank you for your patience.

We do require completion of our Animal Interest Card or Adoption Interest Form-Specific Animal Request Only Card to obtain an appointment.

Q. How can I view the animals?

A. Unfortunately, we currently are not allowed to have members of the public walk through the kennels during the appointment times. For your convenience, please click on the link below for a full list of our available pets:

Adopt a Pet- Bernalillo County Animal Care

Q. What if I know exactly which animal(s) I am interested in?

A. Great! You are now ready to complete our Bernalillo County Adoption Interest Form - Specific Animal Request Only Card. Write down the pet's name and pet ID number. One interest card per submission.  Please keep in mind that many people may be interested in the same pet. In those circumstances, we will try to keep everyone as informed as possible. With your submission, our Outreach Staff will review your request and contact you via email with your appointments date and time. *The submission process will take up to 24-48 hours.


Q. What if I would like some help finding the best animal for me?

A. We can help. Please complete the Bernalillo County Animal Interest Card below. With your submission, our Outreach Staff will review your request and specifications. Our member of our team will contact you directly to discuss a potential match and provide you with your appointment date and time . *The submission process will take up to 24-48 hours.

Click here for the link to our Animal Interest Card


Q. If I get notice of a scheduled appointment, can I bring a family member or friend with me?

A. You will receive a confirmation for your appointment. The appointment is limited to you joining us with 1 other person only.


Q. If I have a family pet and would like to bring it to the appointment, can I do so?

A. Yes! We encourage this to ensure the best match for you and your family.


Q. I am interested in donating to the Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource, how can I do so?

A. Studies from leading animal welfare organizations have found that there is no correlation between the amount of money someone pays for an animal and the amount of care they provide. As a result, we are offering donation based adoptions…..meaning, you decide your adoption fee!

All proceeds go to Bernalillo County's Quality of Life Community Fund, which will continue to benefit the thousands of homeless animals that come through our doors in the future.

You can also donate without adopting!  Click here to visit our donation siteOnce there, scroll down to "If you have a special purpose for your donation, please let us know." Then, select BernCo Animal Care from the drop down menu.

Q. What should you donate for an adoption?

A. If you are a millionaire, we will happily accept a million dollars! However, it is about the amount of love in your heart, and not the money in your bank account that makes a house a home. We will happily accept whatever you can offer. We’ve found our average adopter donates between $50 to $60.

Q. I have some extra items I would like to donate. Are you accepting blankets, beds, etc.?

Unfortunately, at this time the Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center is not accepting this type of donation.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Your Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center Outreach Team


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