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Animal Care Services

What should I do if I lose my pet?

All animals that are picked up by Animal Care Services Officers in Bernalillo County are taken to one of the two City of Albuquerque Animal Shelters. The East Side Shelter is on Lomas, between Wyoming and Eubank. The West Side Shelter is on Sunset Gardens, off of 114th Street and far west Central. Call 768-1975. Animals that are picked up by citizens can be taken to one of these shelters, or to the Animal Humane Association Shelter at 615 Virginia St. SE. Call 255-5523. It is always best to make a trip to each shelter every day to look for your pet. Only you can positively identify it. You can also check the deceased animal list. Check the newspapers, and consider placing an advertisement for a lost pet. Check with veterinarians in your area and the Emergency Animal Clinic to see if your pet was brought in with an injury. Keep trying. Sometimes animals turn up weeks after they are lost.

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