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NMSA 4-38-1


The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members who are each limited to two, four-year terms. Each commissioner represents one of the county’s five districts. Commissioners are responsible to voters; however their duties are defined and controlled by state law.

  • Serves as the County Canvassing Board (for elections), Board of Finance (for county funds) and Zoning Board (for zoning approvals, hearings and appeals).
  • Has final authority for county government budget.
  • Affirm property tax rates and has the power to levy special taxes (gross receipts, hospital tax, road levies, gasoline tax, liquor excise tax, and other).
  • Issues general obligation bonds after voter approval.
  • Determines county appropriations and expenditures.
  • Passes ordinances and resolutions (local laws).
  • Develops joint projects and agreements with other government entities.
  • Makes appointments to various boards and commissions.
  • Creates fire districts and levies fire protection tax.
  • Establishes zoning and business regulations.

Current Membership

Representing Name 
District 1  Debbie O'Malley
District 2 Steven Michael Quezada - Vice Chair
District 3 Adriann Barboa
District 4 Walt Benson
District 5 Charlene Pyskoty - Chair


Julie Anne Baca, Commission Administrator, (505) 468-7083


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Board of County Commissioners News

BernCo Commissioners Approve Legislative Priorities for Upcoming Session

8:59 AM

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners has approved a list of capital outlay priorities that the county is asking the New Mexico Legislature to fund during its 2016 session that begins in Santa Fe on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Capital outlay funds are those used by local government to build, improve or equip physical property that will be used by the public. Roads, information technology equipment, playgrounds, parks, vehicles, schools, storm drainage and utility lines and specific types of equipment can all be capital outlay projects. 

The 2016 legislative capital outlay appropriation requests include:

A. Community Services Division

  • $1 million to purchase land and/or demolition, and to plan, design, construct and equip a South Valley aquatics facility
  • $1.4 million to purchase land and/or facility, and to plan, design, construct and equip a Mid-North Valley recreation center
  • $1 million to purchase land and/or facility, and to plan, design, construct, renovate, and equip it to serve as a multi-service health and social service clinic in Bernalillo County Commission District 3
  • $1 million for site improvements and to plan, design, construct and equip expansion of Los Vecinos Community Center
  • $1 million for adjacent land acquisition, building demolition and to plan, design,

construct, and equip a South Valley boxing/wrestling gym to be located at Los

Padillas Community Center and adjacent land

  • $500,000 to purchase land and/or a facility and to plan, design, renovate, construct,

furnish, and equip an indoor multi-use sports facility

  • $75,000 to plan, design, construct, furnish, and equip a xeric neighborhood pocket

park at Cielo Vista Circle Park

  • $200,000 to plan, design, restore, construct, equip, install, and furnish Phase III

improvements to the UNM North Golf Course Urban Open Space, including

purchase and planting of new trees, vegetative restoration to prevent erosion and

storm water damage, restoration of a historical structure in the open space (John

Gaw Meem), and new signage and benches

B. Public Works Division

  • $534,000 for improvements to the 2nd Street and Rio Bravo intersection, construct

additional eastbound through-lane and westbound through-lane on Rio Bravo, and

adjust existing infrastructure

  • $3 million for construction of the North Valley Utility Project which includes the

sanitary sewer phase

  • $800,000 for site preparation and to plan, design, construct, equip and install two

public safety officers memorials in Bernalillo County

  • $1 million for District 5 road improvements to include new paving and rehabilitation

$1 million for District 4 road improvements to include new paving and rehabilitation

  • $500,000 to provide an access road to Atrisco Heritage High School

C. Public Safety Division

  • $600,000 to renovate, remodel, equip and furnish Fire Station 36 residential


  • Reauthorize $145,000 from grant 15-0663 appropriated to Bernalillo County for

a technical response unit and instead purchase a fire engine

  • $455,000 to purchase a fire engine for the Bernalillo County Fire Department

D. Sheriff’s Department

  • $940,000 to purchase vehicles for Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

Support legislator sponsored capital outlay legislation that is consistent with the priorities set by the county.

Bernalillo County also decided not to accept capital outlay appropriations from the State of New Mexico in 2016 on behalf of nonprofit agencies that:

  • are less than $50,000 and/or;
  • involve the purchase for a nonprofit agency of new land and/or buildings
  • that are not under county ownership as of Jan. 1, 2016 and/or;
  • involve nonprofit agencies that have not previously received capital  appropriations through Bernalillo County or received prior approval from the county manager.

The Board of County Commissioners also passed a resolution endorsing the New Mexico Association of Counties 2016 legislative priorities which include:

1. Increasing detention center funding under the Detention Facilities Reimbursement Act;

2. Supporting an appropriation to conduct a statewide emergency medical services assessment
    through the New Mexico Department of Health EMS Bureau, in coordination with the State Fire 
    Marshal, and reconvene the New Mexico Association of Counties EMS Task Force, to develop 
    additional policy recommendations regarding appropriate funding levels and mechanisms for
    recurring EMS services funding.

3. Supporting legislation and funding to be used in collaboration with other federal, local, and tribal
    funds for the New Mexico 3D Elevation Program to develop light detection and ranging    
    technology (LiDAR);

4. Partnering with local governments in any legislative efforts involving gross receipts tax restructure  

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