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Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners 

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NMSA 4-38-1


The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members who are each limited to two, four-year terms. Each commissioner represents one of the county’s five districts. Commissioners are responsible to voters; however their duties are defined and controlled by state law.

  • Serves as the County Canvassing Board (for elections), Board of Finance (for county funds) and Zoning Board (for zoning approvals, hearings and appeals).
  • Has final authority for county government budget.
  • Affirm property tax rates and has the power to levy special taxes (gross receipts, hospital tax, road levies, gasoline tax, liquor excise tax, and other).
  • Issues general obligation bonds after voter approval.
  • Determines county appropriations and expenditures.
  • Passes ordinances and resolutions (local laws).
  • Develops joint projects and agreements with other government entities.
  • Makes appointments to various boards and commissions.
  • Creates fire districts and levies fire protection tax.
  • Establishes zoning and business regulations.

Current Membership

Representing Name 
District 1  Debbie O'Malley
District 2 Steven Michael Quezada
District 3 James Collie
District 4 (Chair) Lonnie Talbert
District 5 (Vice Chair) Charlene Pyskoty


Julie Anne Baca, Commission Administrator, (505) 468-7083


Board of County Commissioners News

Bernalillo County Has New Policy for Accepting State Capital Outlay Funding for Nonprofits

8:25 AM

The Board of County Commissioners on May 11, 2016 approved a resolution (County Policy on the Acceptance of State of New Mexico Capital Outlay For Use By Non-Governmental Entities) that creates a policy guidance document that clarifies how the county will handle capital outlay funds beginning with the 2017 legislative session - specifically, proposed capital outlay funding requests made on behalf of nonprofit agencies.

The deadline for agencies to have these request forms (below) turned in for consideration by the Board of Commissioners under the new policy guidelines is June 17, 2016 at 5 p.m.

Currently, nonprofit agencies receiving capital outlay funds must utilize a government agency, such as the county, to act as their fiscal agent. In turn, the county must administer, negotiate third party contracts, monitor, manage, and track the appropriation and the actual capital improvement that results from the appropriation.

The county is required to first use their limited resources to purchase the capital on behalf of the nonprofit agencies and then be reimbursed at a much later date from the state.

“Bernalillo County is working diligently to continue serving the community,” stated Commission Vice Chair Wayne Johnson. “Regardless of the tough economic times, government should always look for increased efficiencies, partnerships and smarter choices in how taxpayer resources are administered.”

The four major effects of this new policy are:

  • Non-governmental entities requiring prior approval of the Board of Commissioners before seeking state grant funding, and the project presented by the non-governmental entities will need to be reviewed for its fiscal impact to the county’s current and recurring finances,
  • Suspended acceptance of State of New Mexico Capital Outlay funds, on behalf of a non-governmental entity, for the purchase of vehicles and information technology,
  • Suspended acceptance of any capital outlay expenditure of less than $50,000, and
  • Collecting a three-percent administrative fee based on the amount of capital outlay. The administrative fee cannot come from the capital outlay appropriation.

The administrative fee and/or the capital outlay expenditure cap of $50,000 may be waived or modified by majority vote of the Bernalillo County Commission. Additionally, the county manager is authorized to waive or modify the capital outlay expenditure cap of $50,000 during state legislative sessions.

All currently authorized capital outlay grants will continue to be administered depending upon the county's financial ability to pay "up front" for the capital purchases.

Please open the links below for information from the April 28, 2016 meeting regarding this topic, as well as the capital outlay request form, as well as other forms and information.

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