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    County Fire Board of Appeals


    Bernalillo County Fire Code Ordinance 2012-7, Board of Appeals

    Meeting Time/Location

    As needed following an appeal


    The purpose of the board of appeals is to establish within jurisdiction for the purpose of hearing applications for modification of the requirements of the International fire Code pursuant to the provision of Section 108 of the International Fire Code. The board shall be established and operated in accordance with this section, and shall authorize to hear evidence from appellants and the fire code official pertaining to the application and intent of this code for the purpose of issuing orders pursuant to these provisions.


    In order to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the fire code official relative to the application and interpretation of this code, there shall and hereby is created a Board of Appeals, herein after " The Board," consisting of five (5) members who are qualified by experience and training to pass upon pertinent matters. The Board of County Commissioners with overlapping terms shall appoint the Board. The Board shall adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting its business and investigations and shall render all decisions and findings in writing to the Chief, with a duplicate copy to the Appellant and County Clerk, and may recommend to the executive body such new legislation as consistent therewith.

    The county follows closely what the International Fire Code membership requirements are:

    · Design professional. One member shall be practicing design professional registered in the practice of engineering or architecture in the state in which the board is established.

    · Fire protection engineering professional. One member shall be a qualified engineer, technologist or safety professional trained in fire protection engineering, fire science or fire technology. Qualified representatives in this category shall include fire protection contractors and certified technicians engaged in fire protection system design.

    · Industrial safety professional. One member shall be a registered industrial or chemical engineer, certified hygienist, certified safety professional, certified hazardous materials manager or comparably qualified specialist experienced in chemical process safety or industrial safety.

    · General contractor. One member shall be a contractor regularly engaged in the construction, alteration, maintenance, repair or remodeling of buildings or building services and systems regulated by the code.

    · General industry or business representative. One member shall be a representative of business or industry not represented by a member from one of the other categories of board members described above.

    Members shall be appointed for terms of four years. Of the members first appointed, two shall be appointed for a term of 1 year, two for a term of 2 years, one for a term of 3 years. Vacancies shall be filled for an unexpired term in the manner in which original appointments are required to be made. Members appointed to fill a vacancy in an unexpired term shall be eligible for reappointment to two full terms.

    County Commission District Maps

    Current Membership

    Representing Name Term
    1. At-Large Joe Rameriz 05/14/2006
    2. At-Large Gerald R. Brown  05/14/2006
    3. At-Large James W. Folkman 06/12/2016
    4. At-Large Bob Martin 02/14/2006
    5. At-Large Dr. Leon Chapman 05/14/2006

    Board Contact

    Chris Gober, (505) 468-1340

    Note: This board meets on an as-needed basis.

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