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Capital Improvement Program

What if a desired project that was identified for funding doesn’t actually get implemented?

<div>One example of this potential occurrence is the following:&nbsp; Capital improvement project types&nbsp;(e.g. Repaving Roads)&nbsp;that cover multiple facilities&nbsp;(e.g. individual streets maintained by Bernalillo County)&nbsp;are capped at the amount listed for the present 2012-2014 bond cycle.&nbsp; Users of this funding - the Public Works Roadway Operations &amp;&nbsp;Maintenance Department - prioritize individual streets for repaving based on households served, # of work orders per road segment, remaining service life of road segment, existence of a school bus route on the road segment, and the functional classification of the road segment.&nbsp;</div>


<div>If repaving a specific road does not cost as much as estimated, then excess funds are rolled&nbsp;over to repave the next priority road.&nbsp;Conversely, if repaving a specific road costs more than estimated, then additional funds are drawn from the Repaving Roads bond item.&nbsp; This process is repeated until as many high priority roads as possible are repaved and all funds are exhausted.</div>


<div>The same situation applies to park and playground redevelopment at county recreational facilities whereby approved general obligation bond funding may not cover all needs.</div>

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