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Metropolitan Detention Center
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    100 Deputy Dean Miera Dr. SW
    Albuquerque, NM 87151


    (505) 839-8700


    Administrative Offices: 
    Monday - Friday 
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    MDC Information Desk:
    8 a.m. - 8 p.m.



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    The Metropolitan Detention Center's Community Custody Program (CCP) is founded on the concept of community-based supervision and treatment, rather than continued confinement in a structured institution.  

    The program was developed to provide an innovative approach to incarceration. With court approval, sentenced/pre-trial inmates may enter the program at any stage of their incarceration. When an inmate is removed from the detention facility and returned to his or her home, job and neighborhood, this is considered a positive step forward in attempting to reintegrate the program inmate into the community. Inmates are placed in the community and monitored on a daily basis to insure compliance while ensuring the safety of the community.


    Who qualifies?

    Defendant's eligibility is based on a multiple components including: a client's criminal record (rap sheet), a warrant check, review of social history, review of institutional records including disciplinary reports, program participation and medical screening.

    What do you need to qualify?

    The defendant must have a permanent residence and or permission from the owner of the residence to reside there. The owner of the residence must agree to comply with all CCP rules. 

    For Example:

    1. No alcohol allowed in the residence.
    2. No firearms or dangerous weapons.
    3. No illegal drugs.
    4. No parties.
    5. No convicted felons living at residence.

    The owner of the residence is in agreement that the Community Custody Program is allowed full and complete access to the residence in which the defendant is residing and allowed full and complete search and seizure of any unauthorized items therein.

    The defendant cannot live with the alleged victim(s) unless authorized by the presiding Judge.

    A basic landline must be installed prior to the inmate being accepted into the program. The phone line must not have any of the following: a two way line, internet service, cordless phone, or other features such as caller ID, call waiting, etc.)

    What Happens?

    All defendants will wear an ankle bracelet which tracks movement in and out of the home of the inmate on CCP. Clients must remain at home unless permitted by their tracker to be elsewhere. Failure to comply will result in loss of CCP.

    All defendants will be subject to random drug testing. If a defendant shows a positive result for ANY ILLEGAL NARCOTIC or ALCOHOL, they will lose their CCP privileges and will be returned to CCP for disciplinary action. The presiding judge in the case will be notified of the violation.

    Weekly meetings (counseling, AA/NA) will be set up for clients to attend. Tardiness and failure to show up to scheduled meetings will result in loss of CCP eligibility.

    All inmates are subject to random visits to their place of residence or place of employment by the Community Custody Program monitor.

    What Will It Cost?

    The defendant is required to pay a basic installation fee of $30 upon entering the program.

    All inmates are required to pay a weekly fee, which is calculated at 10% of their weekly income. Special circumstances can be worked out with CCP staff concerning pay.


    CCP Staff and Contact Information

    CCP Fax (505) 462-9842 505 area code
    Abeyta, Michael - Swing 468-1620
    Apodaca, Armando - Clean Team 508-6456
    Barros-Vera, Jerri - Case Mgr. 468-1608
    Becerra, Manuel - Day 468-1614
    Benavidez, Pat - Clean Team 414-0437
    Fragua, Marissa - CCM Swing 468-1645
    Garcia, Christina - CCM Swing 468-1626
    Garcia, Oscar - CCM Day 468-1614
    Guerra, Melissa - Admin. Asst. 468-1612
    Hartman, Roy - Captain 468-1605
    Holmes, Bobbi - Admin. Officer I 468-1637
    Koski, Daniel - Admin. Asst. 468-1627
    Lucero, Julie - Corrections Tech. 468-1613
    Lucero, Tanya - CCM Day EM 468-1607
    Martinez, Marvin - CCM Day 468-1628
    Metzgar, Ernest - Prog. Mgr Clean Team 468-1661
    Montoya, Angel - CCM Swing 468-1619
    Montoya, Melanie - Lieutenant 468-1617
    Notah, Kiim - AT Swing 468-1636
    Orejel, Mauricio - CCM Swing 468-1611
    Palm, Michael - CCM Swing EM 468-1615
    Perea, Michael - CCM Swing 850-4513
    Purpura, Jason - CCM Day EM 468-1625
    Rael, Miranda - Admin. Officer I 468-1660
    Roebuck, John - CCM Swing 468-1629
    Saavedra, Eric - Sgt. 468-1624
    Sanchez, Fabian - CCM Day 468-1623
    Stanley, Miranda - CCM Swing 468-1633
    Tanuz, Rory - CCM Swing S/M 468-1641
    Torres, Josh - AT Swing 468-1634
    Trujeque, Joseph - CCM Day 468-1621
    Trujillo, Cynthia - CCM Day 468-1622
    Williams, Adrian - CCM Swing 468-1653
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