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Q. I want to hold a wedding on Open Space – is that possible?

A. Bernalillo County is not currently scheduling weddings on any Open Space properties. This is in order to minimize the impact on natural, historical, cultural, or agricultural resources. However, weddings can be scheduled at other County venues – see below.


Q. Do I need a permit/reservation for the activity I am planning on Open Space?

A. Reservations/permits are required if the activity:

  • Involves or is expected to involve more than 25 people
  • Occurs when the Open Space is closed to the public, or in any building on Open Space
  • Excludes members of the public from any portion of Open Space
  • Requires additional County services (opening/closing gates, utilities, fire/police, etc.)
  • Involves the sale of any good/service/food/beverage
  • Requires temporary or permanent structures (e.g. stage, fence, tent)
  • Involves a contest, competition, race, filming or performance
  • Uses amplified sound

For more details, see Sec. 58-55 of the Bernalillo County Code of Ordinances.


Q. How do I reserve an Open Space area or facility?

A. If you are interested in holding an activity, event, or meeting on Open Space that requires a permit/reservation, please email for more information.

Please note that outdoor areas on County Open Space and some of the facilities are open to the general public during established hours and cannot be “reserved” per se.

Bernalillo County will consider requests based on scheduling/staffing availability as well as their potential impacts and risks. Approval is based on those factors as well as timely payment of required fees.


Q. What other venues does Bernalillo County offer for my activity/event/meeting?

For outdoor use, Bernalillo County Parks are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Please call (505) 314-0400 to request a Park Use Agreement for your event.

For indoor use, Bernalillo County Community Centers feature multi-purpose rooms, meeting rooms, commercial kitchens, stage areas, and gyms which can be reserved for a variety of public and private rentals. In addition, the Bernalillo County Visitor and Cultural Center (formerly Pajarito Satellite Senior Center Meal Site) on 6080 Isleta Blvd SW can be reserved by contacting Los Padillas Community Center.


Q. I saw something on Open Space that I would like to report. What can I do?

For non-emergency issues requiring law enforcement, call the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office 24-hour non-emergency line at (505) 798-7000.

For land management issues such as trash or graffiti removal, call the Parks and Recreation Land Management office at (505) 224-2119.

For other general concerns with Open Space properties, call the Parks, Recreation and Open Space main desk at (505) 314-0400 or email


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