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Public Art Pieces for Open Space's 20th Anniversary Event


On Friday, Sept. 28 beginning at 5 p.m., Bernalillo County Open Space is celebrating its 20th year with a special event at Bachechi Open Space. In June 2018, a notice was sent out looking for artists to create up three art installations for the event. Below are photos of the art projects selected.

"Homage: Cottonwood Jetty Jacks" by Joani Murphy

“Homage” is a reference to the fragility of our eco-environment. Our Rio Grande River and the surrounding bosque are currently at risk due to reduced snow melt, decreased rainfall and climate change. Since childhood, I have spent time walking in the bosque. I admire the sculptural beauty of the jetty jacks which were originally installed in the Albuquerque bosque by the US Corps of Engineers in the 1950’s and 60’s. The purpose of these steel structures was to trap sediment and debris during flood events and eventually to build up its own levee to confine the river channel. Today, the steel jetty jacks in the bosque are a continued presence. Will they exist beyond the lifespan of our river and trees?

"Lint Trap" by Lance McGoldrick, Josh Stuyvesant and Louis Wilcox

A broken washing machine sits suspended in the heart of a 12’ sphere constructed of cottonwood branches. The branches all emanate from within the machine, breaking through the sheet metal to create the sphere. The front face of the machine will be left without sticks to increase contrast of the man made and the natural. Washing machines, in their ubiquity, continue to clean our clothing while polluting our water systems with microfibers and plastics. This work, with its adjacency to the Rio Grande, serves to confront the division humans have created with nature. And, though our actions and innovations often act as interruptions to nature’s procedures, it reclaims all our garbage, it embraces our mistakes.

This piece will have a lifespan of one week to one month. After it is disassembled the broken washing machine will continue on its way to the scrap yard and the sticks will be returned to the bosque to decompose, leaving no trace. Furthermore, screws and strapping will be reused, and this installation will produce no trash.


"Terra Macrobiota" Murals by Rachel Zollinger, Jessica Zeglin and Kaitlin Bryson


Terra Macrobiota illuminates the tiny creatures that terraform and inform the world around us, but especially in the acequias, ponds, and water systems found at Bachechi Open Space. Water and soil samples were collected from these places to identify the microbiota. The interactive mural turns the micro into macro, creating a stunning scale shift so visitors might recognize the beauty and intricacies of the microbiota. The mural is painted in soil collected from Bachechi Open Space and combines stenciled images and hand painted topography. As the sun sets on the work, projected images of the microbial community will light up the space.

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