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Current Projects District 2 Atrisco-Westside

The County and the MainStreet program collaborated with MRWM Landscape Architects to develop the plan for improvements to the Dolores Huerta Gateway Park. The County received a 2019 Legislative MainStreet grant to design site improvements and streets... Read More

Current Projects District 4 North Valley

The design, reconstruction and installation of new xeric median landscaping on existing medians and adjoining rights-of-way along Alameda Boulevard NW.

Status | Construction
Phase 2 | Medians 3-7
Estimated Construction Completion | August 2020
Estimated ... Read More

Current Projects North Highway 14 District 5

Various facility improvements for the East Mountain Little League, including new bleachers with shade structures, concrete common areas between the fields to improve drainage and reduce maintenance issues, and parking/entry way improvements. The park... Read More

Current Projects Central Urban District 3

Improvements to the Marble Urban Open Space, including an Rx Trail around the Open Space, water connection, large custom shade structure for an outdoor classroom, parking. This is a very high priority project in the PROS Plan.

Phase I | Master Plan

Sta... Read More

Current Projects Pajarito-Los Padillas District 2

This project is to provide a satellite location for Open Space land management and operations staff, and to provide support offices and space for County Open Space partners involved in the Grow the Growers and other agriculture and local food related... Read More

Current Projects Pajarito-Los Padillas District 2

Renovation and expansion of the meal site, which will include a community meeting room, fitness center and senior game rooms. This is high priority project in the PROS Plan.

Phase 1 – Interior Renovation
Status | Construction
Estimated Constructio... Read More

Current Projects Mountain View-Mesa Del Sol District 2

Dr. E. A. Swede Scholar Regional Recreation Complex is the County’s principal regional facility. The project is on land leased from the NM State Land Office and was envisioned to provide a regional destination for youth sports events. An update... Read More

Current Projects Los Vecinos-Carnue District 5

The County received a 2020 Legislative grant to replace the existing skate park, related site improvements and address safety concerns. Project is an initial phase of improvements to the community center and related outdoor facilities, which includes... Read More

Current Projects North Highway 14 District 5

The county will continue to develop Carlito Springs according to the 2012 Cultural Landscape Report and Master Plan. Building on the improvements completed in 2014, the county is using State Capital Outlay funds to design water system improvements an... Read More

Current Projects Pajarito-Los Padillas District 2

This project is a renovation of Rio Bravo Park including the South Valley Little League. Initial improvements include design and construction of a new drainage system, access roadway, parking and a Prescription (Rx) Trail. Additional field upgrades, ... Read More

Current Projects On Hold District 2 Atrisco-Westside

The goal for this facility is to complete the existing site plan, which includes a shade structure, outdoor amphitheater/classroom area, and additional agricultural and interpretive elements. A compacted, crusher-fine Prescription (Rx) Trail and rela... Read More

Current Projects District 2 Atrisco-Westside

Additional improvements will be made at this facility to improve drainage, security, lighting, parking, and ADA access. Shade structures, ball field improvements, playground upgrades and a Prescription (Rx) Trail for this part of the community will b... Read More

Current Projects District 2 Atrisco-Westside

This project includes improvements to the Westside Community Center site and building, which are Very High and High priority projects respectively in the PROS Plan.

Site Parking and Drainage Improvements:

Additional parking areas will be added to the c... Read More

Current Projects District 2 Atrisco-Westside

Project Scope:

Major improvements are recommended for Tom Tenorio Park to enable it to function as a regional tournament complex. Initial improvements will include moving the field from West Side Community Center and undertaking irrigation system impr... Read More

Current Projects Central Urban District 3

Project Scope:

In 2012, Bernalillo County undertook an agreement with the University of New Mexico to preserve the golf course as open space. As part of the agreement, the county provided $1.5 million to the university to undertake long overdue irriga... Read More

Current Projects District 4 North Valley On Hold

Status | On-Hold pending acquisition of adjacent land

Phase 3 | Acquisition/Planning/Design

Adjacent land is necessary to complete Phase 3, which includes an Americans with Disabilities Act challenger field and parking.

Design Start | On-Hold
Estimated C... Read More

District 1 Current Projects North Valley

Sandia Ranch Property North Edith The community process and Parks and Recreation Open Space Master Plan planning analysis identified a need for recreation facilities in the Mid-North Valley. The county has recently acquired a piece of land on Edith Boulevard just north of Osuna ... Read More

Current Projects District 4 North Valley

At the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center, “whole-life” renovations are proposed, including separate spaces to meet the programming needs of seniors (without impacting the rest of the center’s programming) and health screening and ... Read More

District 1 Current Projects District 4 North Valley

During the public process of the PROS Plan, there was considerable interest expressed in a North Valley swimming pool. The need for an aquatics facility in this area was confirmed by the level of service analysis conducted by PROS staff. Although mor... Read More

Current Projects District 4 Paradise Hills

A Master Plan has been completed with the Little League for future drainage, circulation/ADA access and landscaping improvements to the north parking area and the core common area between the fields. Proposed improvements include a play structure, ad... Read More

Current Projects District 4 Paradise Hills

Major renovations are proposed to the Paradise Hills Community Center, the county’s busiest community center.

Whole Life Addition (Phase 3)

This phase includes the addition of approximately 14,000 square feet of new program space to be added to t... Read More

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Latest News
  • Bernalillo County is opening four of its community centers and offering all-day care for school-aged children. The Bernalillo County Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department will provide a safe...

  • Residents looking for a fun scavenger hunt and a chance to see Bernalillo County and the Town of Bernalillo as they learn about the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution have the opportuni...

  • Bernalillo County will hold a burning of Zozobra Watch Party Drive-in Style on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020 at the Isleta Amphitheater, 5601 University Blvd. SE. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. No admission permitt...

Community Services
  • Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistance is an outdoor exhibit and scavenger hunt celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees women in the United States the right to vote. The exhibit's curators will discuss the historical framework on voting rights, the importance of voting, and how to exercise your right to vote today.
    9/26/2020 10:00 AM

  • A dynamic discussion with the Environmental Education of New Mexico fellows as they explore a variety of ways to understand the connections between land, people and culture, as well as how these ideas interact with climate change, environmental and social justice movements in our communities both locally and nationwide. Learn how these committed educators are working to provide the pathway to equitable, daily access to the outdoors and environmental learning for every preK through 12th grade student.
    10/10/2020 10:00 AM

  • Pre-registration is required to obtain the Zoom login credentials.To register, please email Marnie at bospace@bernco.gov. Meet with Rachel Carson, who will be played by Ann Beyke. Rachel (1907-1964) was a marine biologist when few women dared to even tread water. Her early childhood was spent exploring nature in western Pennsylvania. She wrote the book Silent Spring in 1962, which revealed the damaging use of the chemical compound DDT. It was banned in the United States in 1972. Ann Beyke has performed in local film, theater, television, radio plays and as a voice-over artist for over 25 years.
    11/21/2020 10:00 AM

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