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South Valley Little League and Rio Bravo Park Improvements

This project is a renovation of Rio Bravo Park including the South Valley Little League. Initial improvements include design and construction of a new drainage system, access roadway, parking and a Prescription (Rx) Trail. Additional field upgrades, such as a new sound system, field extensions and artificial turf infields at the South Valley Little League will be undertaken as there is funding available. Overall this is High Priority project in the PROS Plan.

General Project Information:

Status | Construction
Estimated Construction Cost | $500,000
Estimated Construction Start | Fall 2019
Estimated Construction Completion | Spring 2020

Drainage, Parking and Circulation Improvements (same as South Valley Aquatics Facility Phase 3 Improvements)

Design | Summer 2020
Estimated Construction Start | Spring 2021
Estimated Construction Cost | $1.5 million

Project Planner | John Barney
Email: jcbarney@bernco.gov
O: (505) 314-0404

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Community Services
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