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North Valley Aquatics Facility

During the public process of the PROS Plan, there was considerable interest expressed in a North Valley swimming pool. The need for an aquatics facility in this area was confirmed by the level of service analysis conducted by PROS staff. Although more people at meetings and in the surveys expressed a desire for a North Valley pool facility than any other proposed facility, there was no consensus on the location. However, many respondents indicated a preference for locating the pool at the Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center, where there is a splash park and had been a pool in the past. Further discussion and analysis by PROS Staff of space, infrastructure and staffing needs for a pool resulted in RGSCC location being selected for the new pool facility. Grant funding was received from the 2019 State Legislative Session which is being used undertake planning and schematic design. This is a Very High priority project in the PROS Plan.

Status |

Phase 1 | Updated Master Plan, Topographic Survey and Initial Design
Estimated Design Cost | $400,000
Estimated Design Completion |

Phase 2 | Design

New aquatics facility, including a new pool, replacement mechanical room, splash park, other aquatics site improvements, and building improvements shared between the aquatics facility and the community center, including locker room, fitness center, storage, and connective circulation areas.

Estimated Cost | $400,000
Estimated Completion | Spring 2021

Phase 3 | Construction
Estimated Construction Cost | $4.1 million
Estimated Construction Start | Summer 2021
Estimated Construction Completion | Winter 2021

Project Planner | John Barney
O: (505) 314-0404 C: (505) 933-1113

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