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Labor Relations Board


Bernalillo County Commission Ordinance No. 273

Meeting Time/Location

On an as-needed basis


The County Commission declares that it is the public policy of the county, and the purpose of this division to allow county employees to organize and bargain collectively with the county government. To assist in the implementation and administration of this division, a County of Bernalillo Labor Relations Board of three (3) members shall be formed.


Board members shall be selected for a period of two years, provided that the terms of the original members of the Board shall be two (2) members for a term of two (2) years; one (1) member for a term of one (1) year. The terms of the original members shall be determined by lot. Members shall be selected as follows:

A)  County employee’s organizations shall appoint one (1) person to the County Labor Relations Board. Authorized representatives of such employee organizations will meet prior to the expiration of the term of their appointee and select the employee member of the County Labor Relations Board for the next two-year term. If there is no employee organization representing employees, the employees will elect a representative to act until an organization is certified, whereupon the organization then will act on the appointment. 

B)  The County Manager shall appoint the second member of the County Labor Relations Board.

C) The third member and the chairman of the County Labor Relations Board shall be appointed by the other two members from the general public.

In case the County Labor Relations Board must meet in accordance with this Ordinance during the absence of a member of the Board, the chairman of the County Commission shall appoint an interim Board member from the public at large with due regard to the representative character of the Board.    

Current Membership

  Representing Name Term
1. County Manager Sean Olivas 01/12/2018
2. Employee Org's - Union Eleanor Chavez 06/01/2018
3. At Large/Chair Briggs F. Cheney 06/24/2018


Board Contact: Rachel Floryance, (505) 468-1382

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