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Emergency Communications

It is the policy of the Bernalillo County Emergency Communications Department to investigate all valid complaints and take whatever action is necessary to maintain the integrity of the department.

Steps in Filing a Citizen Complaint

Citizens are encouraged to bring any questions or concern about procedures to the attention of the Communications Department. An attempt to formally address your concerns will be made by the employee’s supervisor. Complaints may be made informally through the employee’s chain of command or formally. The steps for filing a formal written complaint are as follows:

  1. A citizen wishing to file a formal complaint should complete a written complaint form. These forms may be obtained at the Bernalillo County Substations listed below. A Citizen Complaint (CC) number will be assigned to each complaint. In most cases, a copy of the written complaint will be sent to the supervisor of the individual against whom the complaint was filed within seven working days.
  2. If a complaint warrants further investigation, the Supervisor will forward the complaint to the Operations Coordinator and/or the Communications Director.
  3. Once the investigation is complete, the Supervisor, Operations Coordinator, Communications Director or his/her designee shall review all findings and determine the appropriate action to be taken.
  4. Most investigations and findings are completed within five (5) days after the complaint has been filed. However, the Supervisor or Operations Coordinator may request an extension from the Communications Director if the case requires additional attention.
  5. The complainant will be notified upon completion of the investigation.

Where to Obtain Complaint Forms

On-line Complaint Form (Print, Complete and Mail or deliver to Address below)

Sibrava Substation

10401 Holly Ave NE
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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