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With integrity and the highest quality of customer service, administer all laws and regulations set forth in the New Mexico Property Tax Code and Constitution in order to ensure the fair and equitable assessment of all taxable property in the County of Bernalillo.

  • Agricultural Department preserves the limited lands available in New Mexico for agricultural purposes and grazing, the New Mexico Legislature has given a special method of valuation to irrigated agricultural land, dry agricultural land, and grazing land (NMSA 1978, Chapter 7-36-20)
  • Business Personal Property (BPP) Department is charged with assessing tangible business equipment annually
  • Commercial Appraisal Department is responsible for locating, identifying and assessing all taxable commercial property within Bernalillo County
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Mapping Department provides the parcel and spatial database management of all real property located within the boundaries of Bernalillo County for the development and operation of the GIS
  • Manufactured Homes Department is responsible for locating, identifying, and assessing all manufactured homes in Bernalillo County
  • Residential Appraisal Department is responsible for locating, identifying, and assessing all taxable residential property within Bernalillo County
  • Research & Information Department is a vital piece to the valuation protest process, and applying exemptions for governmental agencies, school, churches and special status exemptions
  • Quality Control Department works closely with the commercial and residential departments, to ensure all data from the field is entered accurately and consistently
  • Customer Service Department provides assistance to the general public with all individual exemption requests (i.e., Head of Family, Veterans, 100% Disabled Veterans, Value Freeze), ownership changes, mailing address changes and any questions regarding property ownership

ID Objective Status Accomplished Date


Provide transparency, data and information more easily to the residents of Bernalillo County through public outreach


Not Tracking*


Ensure an ongoing training plan for all appraisal staff by completing the required classes offered by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)




Promote newly enacted  legislation to allow property owners to elect to receive electronic Notice of Values (NOV)  NMSA 1978 7-38-84



* Converted to Performance Measure

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