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Building the foundation starts with the mission statement and services for each department. The Business Improvement and Performance Office (BIPO) puts the mission and services into context by asking departments “why do we exist” and “what do we do". These questions drive departments to think about their core purpose in relation to how they serve the community and achieve the strategic plan.

Each performance cycle, departments review their mission statements. The mission should be clear and concise, while considering all functions within the department. The mission statement is the guiding principal for each department and should align to the county’s overall mission and strategic plan.

Services provided by each department are critical to building the foundation for the performance plan. Departments must clarify their core functions in order to construct a performance plan and develop measures to support their purpose. To do so, departments provide a high level listing of services, grouped by sections/major functions within the department, which typically aligns to their departmental organizational chart. If services that a department provides change, then the department is responsible for revising services based on changes throughout the performance cycle.

With the mission statement and services in place, the Business Improvement and Performance Office (BIPO) prepares the performance matrix for each department. The performance matrix is a brainstorming tool used to align the mission statement and services to the upcoming projects/initiatives and on-going performance measures linked to core services. The matrix aligns the services, projects, objectives, and performance measures to each section within a department to promote clarity, as well as to ensure the department is represented as a whole. With the “why do we exist” and “what do we do” questions answered, departments move their focus toward the next phase, developing the framework.

As a part of the 2-year performance cycle, each department will review its performance measures and objectives to ensure measures are appropriate and accurate. Click on the link below to view the Performance Cycle guidelines about department meetings and their proposed performance measures and objectives.

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