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Promotes an ongoing celebration of the arts and markets the county’s cultural resources to a diverse audience.

  • Features Public Art Program with over 400 pieces of public art and over 100 pieces in ancillary collection
  • Produces and manages high quality countywide special events; collaborate with external entities for events on county properties
  • Supports comprehensive education, marketing, and outreach initiatives for the county
  • Manages the Bernalillo County Quality of Life Community Fund

ID Objective Status Accomplished Date


















The Matrix is used during the Build Foundation and Developing Framework phases of the performance reporting process. While developing the Matrix the mission, services, projects, and performance measures are reviewed, updated, and/or established for the upcoming cycle. The Meeting Agenda and Industry Research are used during the Analyze & Review phase of the performance reporting process. The Meeting Agenda tracks questions and follow up items addressed during the DCM Performance Meetings, while the Industry Research is reviewed for industry trends and benchmarking opportunities.   


The legend below illustrates the alignment to the Strategic Plan Goals across the objectives and performances measures per department. 

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