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The County Manager’s mission is to manage and coordinate all county government operations as specified by federal, state, and local law, and as directed by the Board of County Commissioners. This work is done daily, transparently, and with accountability in order to provide innovative, effective, necessary, and fiscally responsible services to the people of Bernalillo County.


  • To courteously and equitably administer all programs, ordinances and laws
  • To provide efficient and effective services
  • To foster open communication between county government and the citizens of Bernalillo County
  • To maintain a professional administration through the application of sound personnel and management practices


  • Provide technical evaluation to prioritize major capital projects and improvements.
  • Provides a link between the needs and visions of the public and the county’s capital expenditure budgets
  • Ensure alignment of capital projects and operational budget

ID Objective Status Accomplished Date


Develop procedures for County staff and non-governmental agencies to adhere to when managing State Capital Outlay projects on behalf of non-governmental agencies where the County acts as the Fiscal Agent.




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