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To protect lives and property with dedicated people providing exceptional service to our community’s diverse needs.

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  • Provide fire-rescue service oversight and partners with others in our community to improve available ambulance services


  • Implement and enforce fire and safety codes, and any ordinances designating the Fire Department as the enforcement agency
  • Services provided include: fire and arson investigations, plan review and building inspections on new and existing buildings and renovations, ground water protection, cooperation and coordination with movie production companies
  • Inspect movie set, provide standby for film/large events


  • Manage Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue (BCFR) resources by conducting training to include travel arrangements, equipment issues, applicant testing; fleet maintenance with repair and replacement, procurement of supplies and services; administrative support, personnel issues, payroll, budget and finance, grants and expenditures, and processing of payments


  • Provide coordinated response to all emergencies within unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County
  • Partner with Albuquerque Fire Department with “closest unit response” program


  • Provide support services through public relations, school tours, and other community services as requested
  • Promote department through social media
  • Tech services
  • Volunteer chaplain support for public 


  • Provide annual continuing education department-wide to its members in the areas of emergency medical services, firefighting, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, pump operations, wildland firefighting, hazardous materials and fire prevention
  • Provide fitness assistance to all members of the department
  • Participate annually in the wildland pack test and combat challenge


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  • O76: Improve the livability at fire station 43 to meet increased demands of overgrowth, wear, and tear by improving the facility

    Accomplished FY19
  • O173 Update fire code to accommodate fire code requirements (%)

    Accomplished FY20
  • O170: Develop joint training academy with Sheriff and the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC)

    Not Tracking
  • O171: Construct new west side station

    Not Tracking
  • O172 Demolish and rebuild Station 36

    Not Tracking

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What Strategic Plan Goals Do We Support?

Follow the arrows below to see which Strategic Plan Goal(s) this department supports.



P137: Respond to emergency calls (Operations)

Status: Needs Focus

P262: Maintain compliance/accuracy for business inspections (Fire Marshal)

Status: On Target

P320: Implement fire and life safety education program (Fire Marshal)

Status: On Target

P321: Reduce turn out time (Operations)

Status: On Target

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