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What do we do?

3:55 PM


  • Implement and enforce fire and safety codes, and any ordinances designating the Fire Department as the enforcement agency.
  • Services provided include: hazardous material identification, ground water protection fire and arson investigations, plan review and building inspections on new buildings and renovations, fire-safety


  • Provide Bernalillo County Fire & Rescue (BCFR) support in the areas of fleet maintenance, inventory control, training and administrative services within budget laws, rules and regulations and to provide a well-managed resource.
  • Manage BCFR resources by conducting training to include travel arrangements, equipment issues, applicant testing; fleet maintenance with repair and replacement, procurement of supplies and services; administrative support, personnel issues, payroll, budget and finance, grants and expenditures, and processing of payments.


  • Provide all of the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County with fire protection, response to emergencies, prevention and education.
  • Provide support services through public relations and school tours, and other community services as requested.
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