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What do we do?


  • Provides fleet management, full maintenance and repair services to county vehicles/equipment
  • New vehicle/equipment acquisition and assist with disposing of decommissioned vehicles 
  • Manage and maintain fuel supplies and fueling locations


  • Provides full service maintenance and repair services to over 140 County owned facilities
  • Assists county departments in researching and establishing space and function requirements for operations
  • Provide energy efficient upgrades to county owned facilities
  • Evaluate all major systems at county facilities for replacement 


  • New Capital Construction
  • Provides oversight of grants, administration, design and construction of new facilities or major renovations
  • Remodel crew performs larger in-house remodel and renovation projects
  • Coordinates with building maintenance and the user department to make certain that all new construction meets the highest of standards and that the space is efficient for the intended use 


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