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Bernalillo County Veterans Interred at Santa Fe National Cemetery

10:11 AM

Fourteen veterans, 13 from Bernalillo County and one from Otero County, were interred at the Santa Fe National Cemetery as part of the New Mexico Forgotten Heroes Burial Program Nov. 1. The 13 Bernalillo County veterans were identified through the county’s Unclaimed/Indigent Cremation Program.

 "All our military veterans have earned our everlasting thanks and respect, including those who died alone and whose remains have come into the care of Bernalillo County” says Commission Chair Maggie Hart Stebbins. “These are individuals who served our country and we are pleased to give them the honor and dignified burial they deserve”.  

The interments are in accordance with New Mexico’s Forgotten Heroes Burial Program, established by the New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services to provide a military funeral, with an honor guard and flag fold ceremony, for any honorably discharged veteran who upon death goes unclaimed by family members or friends.
Bernalillo County Commissioners Lonnie Talbert and Wayne Johnson attended today’s ceremony.
Earlier this year, in Bernalillo County, 85 people were honored in a special burial ceremony at Evangelico Cemetery. The ceremony was organized by the county’s Unclaimed/Indigent Cremation Program, which provides a dignified repose for those whose loved ones can’t afford to lay them to rest and those for whom the county is unable to locate next of kin. Last year the county buried 182 unclaimed/indigent residents in a similar ceremony at Evangelico Cemetery.
For more information on the county's Unclaimed/Indigent Cremation Program, please click here.
In Memoriam
Air Force SrA Rodney Anderson (Bernalillo County)(Date of Death: 3/25/10)
Navy HM3 Phillip Glenn Armstrong (Bernalillo)(10/28/10)
Army PFC William Benson (Bernalillo)(4/6/09)
Army PFC George Allen Blackwell (Bernalillo)(11/2/10)
Navy PO3 Donald Allen Bradford (Bernalillo)(9/11/10)
Army PFC Herbert Alanzo Coombs, Jr.(Bernalillo)(5/11/11)
Army PV2 James Good (Bernalillo)(1/2/10)
Army PFC James Jenkins (Bernalillo)(11/26/10)
Marine Corps Pfc Basil Lyba (Bernalillo))12/3/09)
Army SP4 Edward Maniaci (Bernalillo)(12/26/10
Navy SN Donald Van Arsdale Maycrink, Jr. (Bernalillo)(10/23/10)
Army SP5 Oscar Ray Payton (Bernalillo)(12/25/10)
Navy SA Rudolph Leopold Romero (Bernalillo)(3/19/11)
Army SP4 Edwin Johnson (Otero)(10/10/11)
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