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    One Civic Plaza, NW
    Albuquerque NM 87102

    (505) 468-7000

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    Measure Overview

    # Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

    Improve the department’s existing recreation administrative services and business processes by issuing an RFB to purchase one multi-faceted system which accepts payments, offers on-line registration, on-line facility and/or park rentals, collects and manages customer and participant activity data, and increases our marketing capabilities (%)

    Government AccountabilityGovernment Accountability


    Action Steps

    1. Research recreational management software products
    2. Identify funding source (s)
    3. Advertise Request for Proposal/Request for Bid/Request for Information (RFP/RFB/RFI) for purchase and implementation
    4. Attend product demos
    5. Award RFP/RFB/RFI
    6. Implement product (design, test, go-live)
    7. Review and update business processes

    Why is this measure important?

    Incrementally increase department revenues to help offset operational and maintenance costs. 

    Where does the data come from?

    During implementation-weekly meetings; after testing and full implementation- possibly monthly or quarterly meetings;  tasks-tracked on a spreadsheet by different project phases

    How is the measure calculated?

    Percent of project complete will be calculated by the percent of tasks complete or phases complete 

    Who to contact if you have questions?

    Mark Griego

    Additional Information




    FY19 Target


    % of project complete

    FY20 Target


    Trend Analysis

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