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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Develop a marketing plan for the film office's online permit and payment processes (%)

Public SafetyEconomic Vitality

Public SafetyIncreased Efficiency

Action Steps

  1. Develop communication plan to film stakeholders regarding the changes to the Film Bernco’s permit and payment process.
    (State Film Office, City of Albuquerque Film Office, Local film studios, Location Managers, Location Scouts) 
  2. Economic Development Department (EDD) will hold a stakeholder outreach meeting to discuss processes changes. 
  3. EDD will work with Press and Information Office (PIO) to push process changes through traditional media and social media channels.  

Why is this measure important?

Film office documents will be moving to an online platform and it will need to educate the film community on new processes for applying for a permit and making payments to the film office. 

Where does the data come from?

Project plan progress will be tracked and based on stakeholder meeting(s) and social media impressions

How is the measure calculated?

Based on allocation of steps complete

Who to contact if you have questions?

Sulema Lenz

Additional Information



FY19 Target


% of project complete

FY20 Target


% of project complete

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