Why is this measure important?

Updating the Bernalillo County food code will align food safety regulations with current Food and Drug Administration model food code language as well as New Mexico Environment Department and City of Albuquerque regulations.


Strategic Plan Goal

Community Health


Business Strategy

Increased Effectiveness

Action Steps

  1. Develop draft update to existing food safety regulations that is consistent with the state of New Mexico and city of Albuquerque regulations.
  2. Collaborate revisions of the food safety regulations with stake holders and regulatory staff
  3. Update internal processes for utilizing the food regulations, which include inspection report update, inspection procedures, etc.
  4. Present final draft food safety regulations to the Bernalillo County Commission for advertisement
  5. Motion to adopt updated food safety regulations to the Bernalillo County Commission
  6. Food Code update implementation

FY21 Target


% of Project Complete

FY22 Target


% of Project Complete

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Internal tracking

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Based on completion of action steps

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Due to COVID-19 the industry itself has taken a hit.  The department is concentrating on helping the impacted areas through this crisis which will delay the completion of the code update. 

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