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    Measure Overview

    # Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

    Develop procedures for County staff and non-governmental agencies to adhere to when managing State Capital Outlay projects on behalf of non-governmental agencies where the County acts as the Fiscal Agent

     Government Accountability


    Action Steps

    1. Document the State of New Mexico Department of Finance & Administration (NM DFA) and Attorney General’s Office requirements for expending Capital Outlay funds.
    2. Create and implement processes used by County staff and incorporate as applicable.
    3. Develop an Administrative Instruction detailing the procedures.

    Why is this measure important?

    Non-governmental agencies are eligible for State of NM capital outlay funding IF they have a local government sponsor who agrees to own the capital improvement and/or equipment, lease it to the agency under a third party agreement approved by the State of NM Department of Finance and Administration, and assume full responsibility for complete financial administration, monitoring, and project completion.

    Where does the data come from?

    How is the measure calculated?

    Based on completion or not.

    Who to contact if you have questions?

    Clay Campbell

    Rosanna Suazo

    Additional Information

    1. Article IX of the State of NM Constitution generally prohibits public funding to be used for private gain, hence the requirement for local government ownership of the capital improvement and/or equipment requested by a non-governmental agency when they seek capital outlay funding.
    2. Bernalillo County annually evaluates if accepting an appropriation and owning a capital improvement and/or equipment, on behalf of and to be used by a non-governmental agency, fits within the Bernalillo County Strategic Plan. The County considers the ongoing, long-term operational and maintenance budget impact of owning a capital improvement and/or equipment before making the commitment to the non-governmental agency and the State of NM Department of Finance and Administration.
    3. Bernalillo County annually holds a workshop in the spring for non-governmental agencies where all aspects of capital outlay funding are explained. This workshop is intended to get agencies to understand capital outlay requirements, to think critically about their needs, and how well their needs are planned before asking Bernalillo County to accept and administer funding on their behalf.


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